Love Your Locker

Bland, boring and unorganized lockers are so last year. Impress your friends, teachers (and even that cute senior one locker over) with our tips on organizing and decorating your school locker. Your books won’t know what hit them.

The first step in creating a cool locker is to pick a theme. "When you start with a theme -- or at least a color scheme -- your locker will always look pulled together. Choose something that reflects you," says Debra Moffitt, author of The Pink Locker Society. "But do be aware that lockers are semi-public spaces. Whatever hangs in there could be seen by everyone from your math teacher to your locker neighbor, Hottie McHot-hot."

Light it up

"A great organizing tip for lockers is to bring in some light," says E-Commerce technology specialist Emily Widle. "Teens often have stacks of papers stuffed in the dark corners and have no idea what's there. A low-profile, battery-operated light can help with that hopeless pile of clutter." Check out this LED Battery Operated Self-Adhesive Puck Light ($5.85) -- you simply press the center of the light to turn it on or off.

Make the most of your space

Let's face it, lockers aren't exactly known for being spacious, which is why you have to think outside the box. "Break up the vertical space with shelving so that there are multiple "stories" of storage," says Helene Segura, Certified Professional Organizer®. The LockerMate Adjustable Locker Shelf ($8.39 each) is a good choice to create an organized locker space.

Another cool idea that makes the most of your space while also giving your locker some real flair? Decorative magnets! "I'm a big fan of having students decorate their lockers in a way that promotes organization for their supplies for the same time" says Myscha Theriault with The Lesson Machine. "Use decorative magnets for holding permission slips inside the door or mirrors with magnets to check hair and lip gloss."

Bling your locker

If you are feeling crafty, make your own magnetic locker pocket that is perfect for holding pencils, calculators, lip gloss and more. Using the pocket of an old pair of jeans, check out these step-by-step instructions on creating this cool and functional locker pocket.

Personalize your locker with removable wall decals from You can customize with your name, school team or favorite band and, at the end of the year, they are removed easily without leaving a sticky mess. Another easy way to add some bling to your locker is with self-adhesive jewels ($7.99 for 500 pieces). Place these on the door or anywhere in your locker you want some shimmer.

Don't forget the floor!

"Between gym sneakers and backpacks, there are a lot of things that go on the floor of kid's lockers." says Veronica Marshall. "FLOR is a great product for sprucing up the floor and keeping it looking pretty and clean. Only one tile is needed, and it can be cut to fit any locker size. FLOR tiles also come in a variety of colors, textures and patterns, so every kid can express their individuality."

The finished product

To add the finishing touch to your lovely locker, Segura suggests you organize your books and folders. "Label the spines of all books or binders or use color coding so that the wrong one is not mistakenly grabbed."

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