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From day to day, you and your man follow the same old routine. You go to work, you make dinner, you (sometimes) make love, then go to bed, and wake up the next morning to do it all over again. No matter how in love you are with each other, your days together can get a little monotonous. It's okay to admit it -- you might need some help in the romance department. Since it's so easy to get caught up in our daily lives and obligations, we did the research for you. Read on for four romantic getaways...

Romantic destination #1: The Love Boat

That's right -- the original "Love Boat" (as in the TV show with the young Scott Baio) was filmed on a Princess ship. Although the Ruby Princess is not the original ship the show used -- in fact, it set sail for the first time very recently -- it might as well be the one. With all of the couples setting sail on this ship the atmosphere makes for a very romantic time. Intimate dinners out on your balcony can be relished at a reasonable cost. Cruisers can enjoy a romantic movie under the stars in a hot tub or chaises at the ship's poolside movie theater. You and your partner can reserve spots at the ship's Sanctuary, an area for total relaxation. Couples can also choose to dine alone together (without strangers) -- a rarity on some cruise ships. Setting sail on the Ruby Princess is a must-do for lovers. When you stop at the various ports, you and your lovebug can also take in some more sun and adventure.

Romantic destination #2: Water Club Paradise

Whether you and your man like to gamble or not, The Water Club at the Borgata in Atlantic City, NJ is a great option for a romantic getaway. Part of the Borgata, The Water Club is like a hotel within a hotel. There, you'll enjoy special spa amenities and -- well -- water (there are three indoor pools at the lobby level and one indoor pool at the spa). When you're not indulging poolside, ordering drinks and light fare as you pop in and out of the swimming pools and Jacuzzis, you and your partner can book a couple's massage. Our personal favorite is the hot stone massage treatment, which includes super-relaxing aromatherapy, a light facial massage, and a special soak after the massage.

Romantic destination #3: San Diego Sun

Frolic and play under the sun on the soft sands of Southern California. Stay at L'Auberge Del Mar, a luxury hotel near La Jolla and San Diego. We particularly loved this beach front spa resort because of its impeccable accommodations and great location. When you and your partner are not beaching it up, there's plenty to enjoy at the hotel. For one, you can check out the spa onsite. You can also lay by the pool with a cold beverage. And by far, our favorite part about this property was the rooms -- each is like a paradise within itself.

Romantic destination #4: Don't Leave Home

Since we're amidst a recession, a romantic getaway away from home isn't always possible. Instead of venturing out to one (costly) destination, you can bring the vacation to you. A DIY staycation is easy. The key here is to enjoy each other's company. Turn the TV off (and lose the remote control), put work aside and make sure all of your chores and errands have been completed before your DIY staycation begins. Just buy some sensual massage oil, a box of chocolates and download a romantic mix on iTunes, and you and your partner can indulge at home.

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Comments on "4 Romantic destinations for a lovers getaway"

Lauren January 18, 2013 | 12:46 PM

I like the staycation one! I was going to say it's not really where you are, it's who you're with. And obviously you need to be somewhere where you can relax and unwind.

romantic getaway May 25, 2010 | 8:49 AM

I don’t agree on home as the #4 romantic destination. Home should not be on the list because it’s the same place that couple stay everyday which makes it boring. Also, couples could not have a very long private moment together since there are kids. Recession should not hinder couple from having a romantic getaway outside home since there are a lot of romantic getaway packages available in the market.

Tony Montez Dodd June 23, 2009 | 12:37 AM

Another excellent getaway is at the MGM Signature though Luxury Suites International. Their deals on the junior suites in Las Vegas, Nevada are the most affordable that I’ve seen, especially with the economy being in the position that it is. A very stylish environment with an affordable rate, it will definitely save you money that can be put towards the great attraction that surrounds the area. To make your reservations go to http://www.luxurysuitesintl.

Carol May 18, 2009 | 3:47 AM

The best romantic getaway I've ever been on was at a beachside bed and breakfast in Gulf Shores, Alabama. I went there with my now-husband when we were dating. It was wonderful!

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