An armchair tour of Italy

Ciao L'Italia!

It takes only one trip to Italy to become enamored with her culture, history, people and food. Here, SheKnows brings you a relaxing, enlightening and free tour of the country that's brought the world thousands of years worth of the finest art, architecture and food.

"Benvenuto all'Italia!" - Welcome to Italy!

Sink yourself into a comfy chair
with a cup of espresso and a biscotti.
We're taking you on a tour!


Venice - Venezia

Venice -- that's Venezia to the Italians -- is one of the most photographed cities in the world for good reason: It's not like anyplace else. In many parts, it feels more like a Disney theme park than a living, breathing city.

Venice walkways

Canals are the only roads in the car-less city of Venice, and the only vehicles are boats. (Even the ambulance and the FedEx "truck" are boats!) And where the boats don't go, there are narrow walkways and wider plazas, with shops and residences tucked in everywhere. About 400 bridges of all different sizes connect the walkways between the 118 small islands that make up this historic city.

In the past, Venice's gondolas were the primary means of transportation from one part of the city to another. Today, they're mainly used by tourists, or for weddings, funerals and other ceremonies. Locals use the vaporetti (singular: vaporetto) -- basically water buses -- that carry passengers all day long across the city as well as to several of the larger islands.

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Joanne Fitzpatrick January 05, 2013 | 2:48 PM

I enjoyed looking through the pages on line of the "Armchair tour of Italy". I just recently visited Italy and your article very much depicted the attractions and countryside of Italy. My problem is - I would LOVE, LOVE to get a copy of this article for my 97 year old Italian Uncle - who at his age - still believes he will someday visit Italy and where is mother's family is from. He is not physically capable. Please tell me how I might attain this color article and allow him to travel from his "armchair". Thank you.

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