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With its tropical climate, beautiful white sand beaches, and fresh seafood, Grand Bahama Island is perfect for a low-key getaway or budget honeymoon. Although many vacationers flock to the popular tourist hubs of Nassau and Paradise Island, Grand Bahama is a hidden gem. Here is a guided tour of Grand Bahama's capital city, Freeport/Lucaya.

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Fun in the Sun

Normally when you take a tour, you leave the driving to the guide. Well, get ready to be in the driver's seat, literally. During the Grand Bahama Nature Tours' five-hour jeep tour, you do the driving. This is a great way to explore Grand Bahama's flora and fauna and absorb the island's history and culture at leisure. A convoy of four-by-four open top Jeeps are led by an experienced island guide who gives instructions and information over each vehicle's radio. The tour follows light trafficked local roads and winds through a skinny pine tree forest and along a scenic coastal trail. The tour's highlight, however, is the excursion to Lucayan National Park, where visitors climb into the bat-inhabited Lucayan caves, enjoy a light picnic lunch, and relax at the breathtaking Gold Rock Beach.


Petting Dolphins

You haven't been kissed until you've been kissed by a dolphin. So don't miss the chance to get a peck on the cheek from one of the trained dolphins at Freeport's UNEXSO center. Three programs are offered. The Dolphin Close Encounter, where you watch dolphins perform tricks and then step into the shallow water and pet the cute creatures, is perfect for kids and adults not ready to take the real plunge. More confident swimmers can opt for the Dolphin Experience or the Open Ocean Dolphin Experience, where visitors swim with the curious aquatic mammals within the Dolphin Experience lagoon or in the open sea.


Photos credited to John Carluccio

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Comments on "Where to stay, what to eat and what to do in Freeport, Lucaya, Grand Bahamas"

Trish May 18, 2010 | 4:02 PM

Hi. My husband and I met at the Princess Country Club in 1997.. I know it changed ownership a couple of times and was damaged by Hurricane a few years ago... Has it re-opened and if so, what is the website and its name now? We are wanting to plan a trip back to there next year and need info.... Thanks for any help you can provide.

anna conte April 06, 2010 | 8:10 AM

what activities can you do in the Grand Bahama Island?

Paula Fallon March 19, 2010 | 8:43 AM

I stayed at the Viva Fortuna in the Grand Bahamas. Had a good time. This is also a great place to bring kids of all ages. Food, drinks, and acitivities are all included. Hurricanes have hit different areas, and some places have closed. However, there is still plenty of things to do. Or just relax and get some sun. Don't miss the shows at night. There is also activities for kids. Take advantage of this, and let them have some fun while you relax. Paula from Massachusetts

Rita Casillas January 28, 2010 | 12:53 PM

I was on the Grand Bahama Island of Freeport in Oct. 2009. I've been going to the Island for the past 12yrs and have never had a bad time there. I have to mentioned that I had booked my stay at the Port Lucaya Resort and Yatch Club, only to find out at the last minute that it had closed. I was frantic in trying to find a place to stay. I ended up staying at the Radison. It was OK but I preferred Port Lucaya Resort. I heard that it might get a new owner and that it might open up again and when it does, please let me know! Even tho my favorite spots are now closed, like the Princess and the Lucaya Resort, I still take my vacations there. Please tell my friends at Runners, Agave Resturant and Billy Joes Shack that I send my regards. I hope to be there again very soon! Sincerely, Rita Casillas

Vicki November 29, 2009 | 10:14 AM

We were there 2 springs ago and the Freeport area had suffered from a major hurricane years prior. The Princess was damaged and as we were told by Taxi drivers (we went there & didn't even get out, it was so dead), the hotel owner and the government were fighting about the repairs. So, it has stayed empty and the consequences have apparently been very difficult on the economy. The shopping market is empty because there are no hotel guests. We stayed at the Radisson resort, which actually has 3 hotels. One is a Sheraton that is geared toward families, the other (name?) is quite private & geared toward busines pp. Radisson is in the middle of the 2. It's great because you have 3 pool areas to go to, though that can cause alot of walking as the property is huge. The beach is great & the propery is beautiful. A shopping mkt is across the street along with restaurants. Stores close early, restaurants stay open. We loved it there. We travel almost every Spring and would definitely go back - the best weather, too!

Sharon Peterson August 31, 2009 | 6:28 PM

Hello, How far is Grand Bahamas from Coco Cay? Sharon

Elaine Lincoln August 20, 2009 | 6:57 PM

It has been several years since going to Freeport, What has happened to The Princess Hotel and Casino? Always enjoyed being in the heart of FreePort, and not far from Port Lucaya. I want to plan another trip this year where would be a good place to stay? Thanks

betty richardson August 03, 2009 | 1:58 PM

I used to stay at the Princess (Country Club)years ago and the name changed a couple times since and now I cannot find it. I would love to make plans to stay there this year between Thanksgiving and New Years. I like it b/c it was right there at the Marketplace with 2 pools and shuttles for the beach.

Julie Kalmus July 25, 2009 | 4:33 AM

We will be staying on the island Sept 14-19. Everyone tells us we picked a awe full month to go due to all the rain. Does it usually rain all day long or maybe storm will blow in and blow right back out as fast as it came in? We are a little worried now. We really don't want to rebook our trip. What is the weather typically like in Sept. First time to the island.

Blaine Lenhart July 22, 2009 | 12:40 PM

For years we stayed at the Princess, played the golf courses and participated in the dasino. Can not find info on Princess, is it still in operation, what about the two great courses. Interested in getting a group together (last time 44) for winter golf and gambling.

reena July 07, 2009 | 4:42 PM

hi there, we are looking to go on holiday to grand bahama and maybe live....really looking for a real cheap and sale clean place to stay short term rental, weather its a beach hut,motel,hotel,guest house,villa,condo,room,house till we find a long term rental. pleas advise leaving july 8 2009, thanks so much

angelawright June 26, 2009 | 12:57 PM

My husband and i are wanting to take our next vacation (next spring) to Freeport, we would like to fly to the everglades (miami) then get on royal carribean and cruise for 8 hours to get there. My 11 year old may come with us and im not sure about the teenager. my husband want to play at the crystal palace casino, and i would like some suggestions as to where to stay. i love the beach, water and sun. and i dont want to have to do to much walking. Need to relax and love to shop. can you send me some information for all of us? maybe some flight package deals, prices, beach huts, hotels, entertainment (and fun for kids, too), etc. thank you!

bernie May 05, 2009 | 1:50 PM

i will be traveling on my boat from ft. lauderdale to Grand Bahama and will need a place dock my boat and would like to rent a house or condo for 5 to 10 days depending on price and would like to know pros and cons of doing this.thanks

Thomas R Tyghem April 26, 2009 | 8:23 AM

Looking for a anchoring spot on the north side of the island between the waterway and west end. 6 boats and near a beach. Who can I talk to?

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