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"Work" is never going to be synonymous with "play" -- heck, that's why they pay you. Still, you can find inspiration and purpose even in a ho-hum job. Bonnie Kelly and Teresa Walsh, cofounders of Silpada Designs, a direct-sales jewelry company with thousands of representatives around the country, offer tips to help you cultivate passion for your work.

Tap into your talents.

Bonnie and Teresa had always loved jewelry, but it wasn't until the duo started helping their friends pick out the perfect baubles that they realized what they were doing was not only fun — it could also be a viable business. "Uncover your own skills by noticing what tasks you love to do," says Teresa. Do you lose track of time when you're scrapbooking? Do you actually look forward to organizing your closets? Once you know your strengths, meet with your manager to figure out ways to capitalize on them — or scout out a new work environment where you can maximize these talents.

Build relationships.

"You'll never know who might inspire you to perform your best work," says Bonnie. Invite a cube mate to lunch or ask a coworker what she thought of last night's Brothers and Sisters.

Keep your skills sharp.

By networking, updating your résumé, or researching your dream job regularly, you can sync your goals with your current duties. If you hone the skills that you really enjoy -- whether it's interacting with customers or coming up with marketing plans -- you'll be fueling your passion daily and be ready to pounce when the right opportunity arises.

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Comments on "Fall in love with work"

alexis September 09, 2008 | 10:59 AM

i disagree. i think work CAN and SHOULD be like play, you just have to know exactly what's going to make you happy and go for it! i think a lot of peoples' dissatisfaction with their jobs comes from a lack of inspiration and/or motivation - and fear. going after your true passion often requires a lot of work and risk but it can be done - obviously Bonnie and Teresa know this, they did it! whether this means going back to school or quitting your job to start your dream company, following your dreams and your passion is sometimes scary, yes, but also fulfilling and rewarding. women (or any one) shouldn't settle for being less than excited and passionate about their job.

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