Decorating your dorm room

Dorm Decor

Moving into an unfamiliar place can be intimidating and your college dorm is no exception. You'll want to make your dorm room your own right away.

Bring in touches from home

When you're packing, take a look at what you like best about your room at home. Take what you can along with you whether it be your bed quilt, your favorite rug, or a concert poster you have on your wall. You can get creative with your photos of family and friends by getting black and white copies, blowing them up, or getting great frames.

Take what's already there into account

You'll probably be provided with some standard-issue furniture but give some thought to your lifestyle and what extras you might need to round out your decor. A comfy chair, a desk organizer, or a filing cabinet might make your room work better for you.

Keep your roommate in mind

It's probably best not to purchase anything too outlandish or potentially offensive until you meet and get to know your roommate. Hold back on those out-there items and have your parents ship them later. You might find that you and your roommate have the same taste and want to do some shopping and decorating together.

Rearrange things

On the first day, you and your roommate should figure out how you want furniture placed. Make sure that you have equal space on the walls and you agree on what you want to go up on them. From there it's also important to integrate some of your stuff with your roommate's so it doesn't feel like two halves of one room, but one happy home.

Add some color and texture

Dorm rooms are drab by nature. Look for tapestries and wall art, throw blankets and pillows, and other unique design items that will give your surroundings some personality.

Remember that space is at a minimum

Your dorm room probably won't be as big as what you're used to at home. Compensate for that by getting items that will add to the ambiance but also help you stay organized. Closet and under-the-bed organizers for clothes, bookshelves, and bathroom totes will save you space and sanity. Remember that many dorms have beds that can be "lofted" to provide more room for your desk or other furniture underneath.

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Comments on "Decorating your dorm room"

Decor2UrDoor June 23, 2010 | 2:27 PM

Great article. Easy to follow. Covered all the bases. Easy way to transform your dorm walls from drab to fab is vinyl wall art. Removable and colorful. Check out http://www.decor-2-ur-door for bedding and decor ideas.

Chelsea August 14, 2008 | 1:43 PM

Here are some great, stylish suggestions for decorating your dorm. You want it to look unique but also function as a comfortable living space. http://blog.mindbites/life-and-learning/your-college-apartment-doesnt-have-to-look-like-a-college-apartment/

jackie July 15, 2008 | 8:41 AM

Oh boy! I remember moving into my dorm a couple of years ago. I wouldn't count on the furniture they provide--I picked up a cheap Aeron at preownedaerons and used that all year. I spent most of my time studying on my computer there so it was worth it. Plus, I think it definitely helps prevent back injuries in the future. I've been out of college two years now and I STILL use my Aeron. It was a great investment.

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