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100 words from Urban Dictionary that changed the world

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YOLO, earjacking, dweet and other slang you need to know, like yesterday

What originally started as a funny collection of crowd-sourced slang terms is now the real deal. As raunchy as it can be at times (and you may need earmuffs for a few of these phrases), Urban Dictionary has gone mainstream -- even being used in some courtrooms to define culturally acceptable slang terms. In honor of our ever-changing English language, we've put together 100 of our favorite examples of the Internet-driven vernacular that has changed the world.

Warning: some strong language ahead (NSFW)

Being the crowd-sourced slang resource that it is, none of the words included were invented by Urban Dictionary. But many (including some of the words below) have since been added to more traditional dictionaries; others may have been in these dictionaries first, but the peeps at Urban Dictionary just defined them better. We feel like these are the big pop culture words that everyone needs to know.

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1. A crapella — singing (badly) while listening to music through headphones

2. Amazeballs — something that is amazing or unbelievable (the jury is out on whether this term is cool or annoying, so know your audience before using it)

3. Ann Curry-ed — being fired unexpectedly and/or without cause

4. Askhole — an individual who asks ridiculous, obnoxious or irrelevant questions (this is often chronic behavior)

5. Awesome sauce — something that is more awesome than awesome (awesome topped with awesome sauce)

6.Baby bump — the protruding abdominal region of a woman when she starts to become noticeably pregnant (often creates speculation a woman is pregnant even when it's the result of bloating or the way clothes fall)

7. Bada**ery — actions or behavior that are amazing or unbelievable; the act of being a bada**

8. Baller — 1) someone who's very good at sports (in the United States, usually basketball); 2) someone who works his or her way up from nothing to achieve greatness; 3) someone who's good at what he or she does or the act of being good at what you do

9. Beer me — please, get me a beer (can also be used figuratively to ask for anything to be passed or retrieved for the speaker)

10. Beleiber — a fan of Justin Beiber (usually one who's obsessive)

11. B****y resting face — the state of a face while not emoting in which the individual looks hostile or judgmental

12. Bitcoin — electronic currency that can be transferred securely without the need of a third party (such as a bank or PayPal) 

13. Blamestorming — usually in a business setting, the act of attempting to identify who was to blame for a failure or problem, rather than trying to brainstorm a solution

14. Boomerang child — a child who moves out to start his or her own life, then returns home to live (often as a result of the economy, but possibly due to irresponsibility of some kind)

15. Bootylicious — the quality of being appealingly curvaceous (especially with ample hips and buttocks) 

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16. Bromance — 1) as a noun or adjective, two heterosexual males with such a close relationship they appear to be romantically involved; 2) as a verb, the act of attempting to become closer to a fellow heterosexual male (usually through acts similar to romancing a woman, such as flattery, gifts and spending alone time)

17. Bropocalypse — a large gathering of adult males with the sole mission of getting drunk (such as at a fraternity party)

18. C-note — a $100 bill (where C stands for centum, the Latin word for 100)

19. C*** block — 1) referring to a slang term for male genitalia, the act of preventing a man from getting somewhere (getting to know, getting a date or having sexual relations) with a man or woman he is interested in; action may be committed by a male or female; 2) in traffic, to cut someone off

20. Cosby sweater — 1) a loud, obnoxious multicolored sweater like those worn by Bill Cosby on The Cosby Show; 2) multicolored flannel boxer-shorts lint

21. Cougar — an older woman who prefers the romantic company of much-younger men

22. Crackberry — a slang term for a mobile phone brand (BlackBerry) that implies its user is addicted to the device

23. Crunk — 1) a replacement for foul curse words (popularized by a joke on Conan O'Brien); 2) a combination of crazy and drunk, meaning crazy drunk (may also refer to people who are high); 3) a style of rap music popular in the South; 4) something at a high level (e.g., volume) or something awesome; 5) to have a good time

24. Cyberslacking — using one's employer's Internet and email for personal activities during work

25. Dawg — an expression used to address a close friend or meaningful acquaintance (one Urban Dictionary contributor notes that the expression was so overused by Randy Jackson of American Idol that it's lost popularity)

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