Make Your Own Fortune

Jupiter is the planet of potential in Astrology. It shows you where your greatest possibilities lie. We are all born with some amount of raw talent, but just because you have potential doesn't mean that you will realize it. There are too many stories of people who have turned their backs on their natural gifts because they lacked the drive, discipline or faith to turn their hopes into a reality. They wanted fortune to make them rather than to make their own fortune. The Jupiter/Saturn trine on Dec. 12 will put you back in touch with something that used to matter. This is your chance to make good on a neglected talent, an unrealized ambition or a forgotten dream.

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LIBRA (Sept. 22 - Oct. 21)

So much has changed that it feels awkward trying to continue with the same-old routines. It feels inauthentic and like you're working against the inner growth that you've been experiencing throughout the year. You don't want to pour new wine into old wineskins only to see both spoiled because the old cannot contain the new. Yet the support of Jupiter and Saturn this week guarantees a smooth transition from one chapter to the next as long as you allow for developments to unfold on their own.

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