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The first-quarter Moon on Dec. 9 favors any project, venture or enterprise that is in its infant stages. The first-quarter Moon is a waxing Moon. This is the time of month when the Moon is building in intensity and light. It is climbing toward its peak, when it will be full — but it's not full yet. First-quarter Moons have always been seen as nurturing, supportive and protective. It's an excellent time for development and collaboration because ideas are still fresh and supple. They haven't been solidified. This is also a good time to seek funding, patronage or backing. People sense that you're on to something special, and they want to be a part of it.

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GEMINI (May 20 - June 19)

It's amazing how you can be at the back of the line one day, only to find yourself standing at the head of it the next. That's the way life works when Mercury forms a trine to Uranus on Dec. 10. The planet of what we don't expect, Uranus has a fondness for introducing surprise twists and unforeseen reversals. Thankfully, these will all be favorable, but you will still have to lock in commitments ASAP. Ink that deal, sign that contract and/or pay in cash if that's what it takes.

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