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The first-quarter Moon on Dec. 9 favors any project, venture or enterprise that is in its infant stages. The first-quarter Moon is a waxing Moon. This is the time of month when the Moon is building in intensity and light. It is climbing toward its peak, when it will be full — but it's not full yet. First-quarter Moons have always been seen as nurturing, supportive and protective. It's an excellent time for development and collaboration because ideas are still fresh and supple. They haven't been solidified. This is also a good time to seek funding, patronage or backing. People sense that you're on to something special, and they want to be a part of it.

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AQUARIUS (Jan. 19 - Feb. 17)

You've gotten to the point where you should start delegating responsibility. This won't be easy for a control freak like you, but it's important to offload those duties that don't require your specific skills. Otherwise, you're wasting time that's better spent on other things — like mapping out a future course for your department or company. You were born under the most avant-garde sign of the zodiac. You need to be at the head of the pack, leading the way — not in the background somewhere, micromanaging people who are capable of managing themselves.

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