A Narrow Window
Of Opportunity

It will feel like you're on the lightning round of Jeopardy — riding the buzzer as you answer one question after the next in rapid succession. And the best part is that all of your hunches will be correct! That's because Mars will speed up the mental wheels when it forms a sextile to Mercury on Dec. 3. This will heighten your powers of recall, analysis and intuition. You will be able to act decisively because all the facts will be at your fingertips. This will be a good time for buying, selling and trading as long as it's done quickly, because that window of opportunity won't stay open for very long. You have until 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 4, before it slams closed.

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CANCER (June 20 - July 21)

Beware the New Moon on Dec. 2. New moons bring a sense of urgency (and sometimes panic) because you can't see clearly. It's the only time of the month when the moon is dark (because it's passing in front of the Sun). These are Astrology's blind spots, and this new moon occulting in the part of your horoscope that pertains to work shows that you are in danger of pulling up stakes too soon. Wait a few days and you will see that a crisis — or a supposed opportunity — was much ado about nothing.

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