The Way To Go

It will feel like the clouds are parting and showing you the way to go when the Sun forms a trine to Uranus on Nov. 30. The planet of revolution and change, Uranus is also known in Astrology as the planet of sudden revelations and epiphanies. That's because it rules over surprise realizations that strike like bolts out of the blue. Now this won't quite be on the same level as St. Paul on the road to Damascus, but you can expect to experience a dramatic about-face in your life during which you realize that you were misguided or misdirected. In any case, this remarkable planet will soon set you on the right path, and you'll start making up for lost time.

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VIRGO (Aug. 22 - Sept. 21)

You suspected that things would turn out to be a no go all along, so it will prove to be a relief when you finally hear the news on Nov. 25. This brings to an end weeks of speculation and being on tenterhooks. It's never easy to have to stomach a disappointment, but you will rebound, and being surrounded by loved ones and friends this holiday season will surely help. That said, be on guard against a bit of weirdness on Dec. 1. The sooner you move past it, the better.

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