The Devil Is
In The Details

The Devil is in the details when Mercury forms its third and final conjunction to Saturn in Scorpio on Nov. 25. This is bound to introduce some kind of snag into your best-laid plans. It's salvageable, but it will cost you in the way of a surcharge or penalty fee. You know that this is a shakedown operation, but pay up because what you'll walk away with as a result will be worth it. Meanwhile, be wary of rushing out of a business venture on Dec. 1. This is when the Moon will occult the very same Mercury/Saturn conjunction, and it could lead you to panic and pull up stakes right when you're on the verge of experiencing a great success.

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SCORPIO (Oct. 22 - Nov. 20)

You were born under a fixed sign, which means that you don't change — not if you can possibly help it. You will keep on doing what you're doing come Hell or high water. Yet it's clear from the current planetary alignment that the Stars have other plans in store for you as they slowly loosen your grip, one clenched finger at a time. Be open to developments that are taking place in your workaday world. They are meant to lift your sights so that you can pursue something more fulfilling than the next paycheck.

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