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Job-hunting fashion blunders

When you're interviewing for a new position, the very last thing you need is to have your outfit ruin the opportunity for you. Make a great first impression and wow them with your words by not committing these five common fashion blunders.


Jewelry that jangles

For an interviewer, there's nothing more annoying than a candidate who has an armful of bangles on! Why? Well, because every time you move your hands, there's going to be an inevitable jingle-jangle noise. This, in turn, can severely distract the interviewer from what you're saying in response to a question and can make your jewelry the focus of the interview. That isn't a good thing — even in a fashion interview (trust us). Keep the jewelry minimal and dainty so the emphasis is on your words, not on your clothing.


Food-and-drink stains

Like deodorant marks, food-and-drink stains can set off red flags for an interviewer. To ensure that you're at your very best and that you arrive with the utmost confidence, try to avoid eating or drinking anything while wearing your interview ensemble. If you're coming straight from another job, stash extra clothes in your car in case an accident happens over breakfast or lunch. And if possible, ask a friend to examine your outfit for any stains before you head out. Two sets of eyes are always better than one, right?


Visible bra straps

Whether you're rocking a dress or a top, there's absolutely no excuse for visible bra straps at an interview. This tells your future employer that you're probably a bit sloppy and that perhaps you don't care about landing the job at all. While we're sure this isn't the case, it's certainly not the impression you want to make, is it? Sport a strapless bra if need be, and for goodness sake, don't wear anything sheer. Classy, sophisticated and covered up is the way to go.


Short hemlines

A short hemline is a major fashion fail when it comes to appropriate interview attire. Remember, the focal point should be what you have to say, not what you're wearing. Rock a power suit or a pencil skirt with a secretary blouse and a black blazer for a look that screams, "I mean business!"


Deodorant marks

Yikes! If you want to come across as professional and totally put together during an interview, personal appearance should be at the top of your list. That means having white deodorant marks on your blouse is a definite no-no. Not only can they diminish your own confidence if noticed, but they may also convey to an interviewer that you lack critical attention to detail. To avoid a messy (and potentially stinky) situation, by all means we recommend using a clear deodorant instead, such as Secret Clinical Clear Gel. It will ensure your clothes stay stain-free, plus it has 100 percent odor protection. (#100ornothing baby!)

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