Diamond In The Rough

Is there something that you've been working on for years but have never gotten anywhere with? Maybe it's a pet project, book or demo tape. The Mercury/Pluto sextile on Nov. 20 shows that this is a good time to approach a potential backer or pop a copy in the mail to an agent or music producer. Even if you think that nobody would be interested in your project, the Stars show that another set of eyes may see it as something you don't — a diamond in the rough, as it were. Expect a lot of tinkering, polishing and reshaping, but if you are open to the input of others, then you could see your dream turn into a very profitable reality.

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PISCES (Feb. 18 - March 19)

Don't let a customer or client guilt-trip you into letting him out of his commitment. You can't help it if this person gave you the green light and now finds himself cash shy. You've kept your end of the bargain, and he should keep his. Obviously, you don't want to draw a hard line. This would only foster resentment. The solution may be to set up a payment plan, trade or barter of some kind. You both would be happier moving things toward completion than abandoning the job or project in midstream.

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