Diamond In The Rough

Is there something that you've been working on for years but have never gotten anywhere with? Maybe it's a pet project, book or demo tape. The Mercury/Pluto sextile on Nov. 20 shows that this is a good time to approach a potential backer or pop a copy in the mail to an agent or music producer. Even if you think that nobody would be interested in your project, the Stars show that another set of eyes may see it as something you don't — a diamond in the rough, as it were. Expect a lot of tinkering, polishing and reshaping, but if you are open to the input of others, then you could see your dream turn into a very profitable reality.

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CAPRICORN (Dec. 21 - Jan. 18)

Eye-opening sextiles involving Pluto and Saturn on Nov. 20 and 23 show that you're doing better than you think. In fact, you're doing so well that you should revisit some of the negative assumptions you've made. Your business is at a place where you can ease up on cracking the whip over yourself. Client confidence is up, along with co-workers' morale. It could even be said that your business can run itself right now. This allows you to work out what you want the next step to be.

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