Leap Of Faith

On Nov. 6, Jupiter, the planet of good luck and higher purpose, will turn retrograde. Like all retrogrades, this will bring an about-face — but there's more going on than the end of a lucky streak. Jupiter, like Saturn, is also a planet of tests. If your attitude is "easy come, easy go," then you will go back to living the life you were living because fortune is only luck to you. If, however, you really liked the direction in which your life was heading over the past four months, then you will do whatever it takes to inhabit that life. This will require a leap of faith. Take that leap and you will like where you land when Jupiter comes out of retrograde on March 5, 2014.

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CANCER (June 20 - July 21)

You've grown in so many ways recently, and people are still trying to get used to that. You see yourself as the same-old you — just more confident, expressive and adventurous. What was on the inside is now on the outside. But for loved ones and friends, you aren't the same-old you at all. They see somebody who's reckless, willful and impatient with everything they do. Somewhere between these two perspectives lies the real you, and finding a way to bridge this gap will be the story of the next four months.

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