Playing For Keeps

A Mars/Pluto trine is one of the most successful planetary aspects you can hope to have. That's because the trine — a harmonizing energy in Astrology — harnesses the ambitious energy of Mars with the relentless drive of Pluto, thereby pushing you to exceed even your own personal expectations. Thankfully, the energy is not so much ruthless as it is persistent, and it's your perseverance against all odds that will bring the breakthrough that you've been looking for on Oct. 31. But bear in mind that trines — though always fortunate — also signal the need for protection, because the ancients believed that any stroke of luck made you the target of others' envy. Watch your back — because you're playing for keeps.

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LEO (July 22 - Aug. 21)

It's hard to throw up your hands and let go, but now's the time to do it. The weight of a debt, burden or financial obligation is simply too heavy, and it's crushing you. If you don't cut your losses now, then you will sink even deeper into that bottomless pit that you're struggling to escape. It may feel like you're losing everything, but in truth, you're winning. You're winning back your life, your freedom, your confidence and (eventually) your financial solvency. You can only go up from here.

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