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There will be a Grand Cross from Aug. 24 through Aug. 27. A Grand Cross occurs when four planets take to their corners of the sky and refuse to budge. This will impact people born under Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. A Grand Cross always signals a rise in stress levels because everyone's making demands and taking offense and no one is listening to anybody. And of course, you will be in the middle of it. Expect all kinds of chest thumping, ultimatums and standoffs. It will be hell on the nerves, but put up with it as best you can. Mountains revert to molehills after Aug. 29.


ARIES (March 20 – April 18)

Don't get roped into fighting other people's battles. You were born under the superhero sign of the zodiac, and at a moment's notice, you'll fly to the rescue of a loved one or friend in need. However, there are those who will hide behind your skirts — especially a friend who's perfectly capable of taking care of herself on Aug. 21 and Aug. 24. Offer to coach her from the sidelines instead. Not only will this prove to be a big confidence booster, but you'll teach her the greatest lesson of all: self-sufficiency.


TAURUS (April 19 – May 19)

You're summoning up the courage to make some big changes, and you want to be surrounded by people who support that. This will hit home this weekend, when you have a conversation with that certain someone that you wished you'd had months ago. This person will tell you everything you wanted to hear, and he will mean it. Unfortunately, you can't turn back the clock. You need to press ahead with plans for your future. This is why it will be so important to have true friends in your corner.


GEMINI (May 20 – June 19)

There are dramatic changes in store regarding your money on Wednesday. You won't win the lottery, but you could see things transformed overnight. A buyer might make you an offer you can't refuse, a golden opportunity could fall into your lap, or you may discover that LinkedIn actually does serve a useful purpose when you're contacted by a potential employer with deep pockets. This looks like one of those rare instances when a lucky break appears with no strings attached. Go ahead and pursue it after Aug. 26.


CANCER (June 20 – July 21)

Expect to be hit by a bolt out of the blue on Aug. 21. This is when Uranus — the planet of revolution and change — will form a square to Jupiter in Cancer. It's bound to knock you off your perch and leave your head spinning. What's important to remember when Jupiter's involved is that there's always a higher purpose to be served. It won't make sense right away (what higher purpose does?), but it will near Aug. 30. You may even thank your lucky stars for this timely intervention.


LEO (July 22 – Aug. 21)

You need to be skeptical of people who say they're just looking out for your best interests. Are they really? It's hard to tell when so many people are vying for your attention. It's the downside to being popular because they (including loved ones and close friends) are all projecting their ideas of what's best onto you. You could exhaust yourself trying to be heard, so you might consider just smiling and nodding at all the right times. That way, everyone will feel valued and at no cost to you.


VIRGO (Aug. 22 – Sept. 21)

The Sun enters Virgo on Aug. 22. This should be a time when you're feeling perky, motivated and like you're ready to explore new horizons. You always feel like you're on top of your game when the Sun is traveling through your sign. Unfortunately, the upcoming opposition to Neptune (Aug. 22 to Aug. 31) could leave you wandering around in a mental or emotional fog. Don't get discouraged by the unexpected ennui or dampening of spirits, because it's only temporary. You'll feel like you're back online again after Labor Day weekend.


LIBRA (Sept. 22 – Oct. 21)

You'll feel pulled in different directions with Jupiter, Uranus, Venus and Pluto taking their places in the four cardinal corners of your horoscope. Thankfully, Venus in Libra means that the other three planets will have to do what you say. Whether it's a family crisis, a relationship ultimatum or a dramatic career move, you need to remember that you are in the driver's seat. But don't make the Venus mistake of guarding your prerogative without ever using it. You must take decisive action on Aug. 21 and Aug. 24 to protect your interests.


SCORPIO (Oct. 22 – Nov. 20)

For weeks, Jupiter has been prompting you to explore your world. This might have resulted in your traveling more (Jupiter is the planet of long-distance journeys), but you may have also been inspired to explore more religious, philosophical or metaphysical pursuits. In any case, the Jupiter/Uranus square on Wednesday will turn up the volume on this, and you will discover that what started off as a lark has now paved the way to real and permanent change. You're entering one of the most spiritually fulfilling periods of your life.


SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 21 – Dec. 20)

Expect things to get wild and crazy on Aug. 21 when Jupiter squares Uranus. These two planets have always been connected to bolts out of the blue — Jupiter rules thunderbolts, and Uranus rules electricity — so be ready for twists, turns and unexpected revelations. The rule of thumb for surviving topsy-turvy times like these is to live moment to moment. What's important one day may be irrelevant the next, and vice versa. Wait for the vehicle to come to a complete stop on Aug. 27. You'll know what you're dealing with by then.


CAPRICORN (Dec. 21 – Jan. 18)

There are changes in store for you on the home front this week — and they look pretty good. You might move in with that guy you've been seeing, tie the knot or welcome a new face to the family. One can always expect larger-than-life changes when Jupiter energy is involved, but don't rule out property matters either because this could be the week when your bid is accepted or your refinancing comes through. In any case, you are setting up house and home in the way you always wanted to.


AQUARIUS (Jan. 19 – Feb. 17)

You're on a roll right now as one lucky break follows another and just about every one of your judgment calls turns out to be spot-on. People are looking at you with renewed admiration and respect. It's a heady moment, and you should feel proud of yourself. However, you will want to make sure that your exuberance doesn't run away with you. The worry isn't that you would get an inflated ego — it's that you would take reckless gambles. This will be abundantly clear on Wednesday when Jupiter squares Uranus.


PISCES (Feb. 18 – March 19)

The Sun in Virgo (Aug. 22 – Sept. 21) is rarely a good time for you because the Sun in your opposite sign always signals a drop in vital energies. It affects your confidence and even your immune system. This is bound to make you defensive and frustrated and make you feel like nobody's in your corner. Just remember that people would be more amiable if they didn't feel like you were going to bite their head off. Do the best you can to not act out, and you'll get through this period no worse for wear.

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