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You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar when Venus is in the zodiac sign of Libra. Named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty, Venus is all about courtesy, good manners and making people feel good about themselves. People are much more likely to be cooperative if you flatter them than if you bully them. Venus' power lies in charm and persuasion. Her philosophy is "Why run after something yourself when you can ask someone else to run after it for you?" Ask nicely, and you shall receive more than you dreamed possible from Aug. 17 to Sept. 10.


ARIES (March 20 – April 18)

If you're quarreling with more than two people, then something is wrong. This doesn't mean that you're the guilty party — it means that something's wrong in the way you're handling loved ones' concerns. Maybe you're too much in their business — or not in their business enough. In any case, Venus in the fair-and-balanced sign of Libra (Aug. 16 to Sept. 10) shows that the channels of communication will be free and clear. You should be able to reach some kind of mutual understanding by Aug. 29.


TAURUS (April 19 – May 19)

It's been a long time since you met someone who really gets you. This could be a love interest, but it doesn't have to be. It could just as easily be a new friend, a colleague or even a client. This person has been through similar experiences and has a refreshing perspective on matters. Now this person may just be in your life to remind you that you are not alone, or this person may go on to become a more permanent fixture. That choice is up to you.


GEMINI (May 20 – June 19)

Planetary aspects this week show that an unexpected twist will prove to be the ultimate game changer. Perhaps a competitor drops out, a seller is discovered to be less than solvent or a client decides to go with you after weeks of hemming and hawing. The end result is that you will find yourself catapulted from the back of the line to the front almost overnight. It's a total surprise — which means that you'll have to step up to the plate immediately. And if you're not prepared, then improvise.


CANCER (June 20 – July 21)

You're extremely sensitive to your environment. You react powerfully to noise levels, lighting and taste. This isn't to say that you should live alone, but you should take a stronger hand in how a room looks, what music is played and which food is on the table. Thankfully, you were born under the zodiac sign of motherhood, so you're probably in charge of these things already. If not, then don't be so accommodating. Make the changes you want to make, and loved ones probably won't notice until it's become the new routine.


LEO (July 22 – Aug. 21)

Be open to new ideas and experiences because they could really do something for you now. Maybe it's changing your perspective, mixing up your daily routine or exploring a new life philosophy. Whatever it is, you will want to invest in the journey and not the destination. It's rare when we get the cosmic push to broaden our horizons and step outside the mental margins, but that's what the Mercury/Uranus trine on Aug. 14 is all about. It's a nice reminder of how enriching living in this world can be.


VIRGO (Aug. 22 – Sept. 21)

You need some alone time. This isn't because you're feeling upset or troubled — it's just that the early weeks of August are when something deep inside you says, "That's it." You need to disappear for a few days, and this is when you get to unplug and reconnect with your body, your time and your space. These are sacred ideas to you because reconnecting means revitalizing, restoring and remembering who you are. It's very important for someone who expends so much energy helping people to help themselves.


LIBRA (Sept. 22 – Oct. 21)

People will do what you say, thanks to Venus in Libra. It's rare when you get your way, so don't waste it by being shy or hesitant. But you don't want to overreach, either. Venus is about harmony. Be in sync with people's needs, and they will be in sync with yours. The only thing to watch out for is your tendency to avoid using the "no" word. This will occur on Wednesday, when someone thinks you're into something when you're not. You'll need to say, "No," and mean it.


SCORPIO (Oct. 22 – Nov. 20)

It looks like you're past the first fumbling steps of a new relationship or project and that things are really taking off. You've got a lot to look forward to, thanks to the first quarter Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday, and you can expect the best. The only thing to watch out for is your new beau's ex or someone who was previously attached to the project you're working on. It will be up to you to have the "conversation" with this person that nobody else seems to have been able to have.


SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 21 – Dec. 20)

You may be wondering if you jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire. The answer is yes, but it's too late to go back the way you came. You'll have to carry on from here — even if that means hopping from one burning controversy to the next. The wonderful thing about the Sun in Leo is that it's fueling your spirit and derring-do. You will no longer feel cowed by circumstances. If anything, you're ready to stand up to them and tell them a thing or two.


CAPRICORN (Dec. 21 – Jan. 18)

You're not accustomed to things coming easily. You expect the going to be tough. You never take anything for granted and make a point of not depending on people. People can depend on you, but it's never the other way around. Venus setting up house in your solar midheaven from Aug. 16 through Sept. 10 will change that. Good things come to you through the people you meet when Venus is powerful. It will feel weird to be on the receiving end of generosity, but you could get used to it.


AQUARIUS (Jan. 19 – Feb. 17)

It's hard to admit that you're a control freak, but you are. You have a particular way of doing things, which is why you don't like it when people try to lend a hand. But being an air sign, you can't say no. That would be rude, so you'll let people help in whatever way they can — and then you'll go back and fix things later. The Sun in Leo is teaching you (forcing you?) to loosen your grip. Let others do things the way they want to, and you may learn something new.


PISCES (Feb. 18 – March 19)

You aren't very good about expressing when you're upset. It's ironic because Pisces is a water sign and water rules our emotional lives. But feelings are meant to be felt, not talked about. In fact, if people understood you as they say they do, then they'd just get it. Unfortunately, that's not how the world works. We may all draw from the same emotional reservoir, but it doesn't mean we're on the same wavelength. Do yourself (and your loved one) a favor and talk about what's bothering you this Wednesday. You’ll feel loads better.

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Julie August 14, 2013 | 5:19 PM

I'm a Taurus and this was spot on for me. I met a potential friend yesterday who I immediately connected with and had an interesting take on something that I had recently been going through. Needless to say, it was refreshing and very welcome!

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