25 Hobbies for the stay-at-home mom

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Bored with the same routine? Here are 25 hobbies to do with the kids, with your friends or on your own, and all for fun!

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Mom scrapbooking with kids



Volunteer in classroom

Give yourself a great hobby by volunteering your time in your child's classroom. Help with finger paints, organize classroom files, or do whatever your child's teacher may need. Offer your services to see if she, or anyone else she knows, can use the help.



We all know about playdates, being stay-at-home moms, but take them to a new level by incorporating your own interests. Take kids to paint classes, pottery classes or sports games instead of playing in the backyard of the local McDonald's.


Community culture

Let your children learn the culture of their community by taking them to local museums, attractions and festivals. Share your love for culture by teaching your children the same. Bank of America customers receive free admission to many museums the first weekend of the month.


Window shopping

Your favorite hobby just got better! Take your kids window shopping. Browse famous stores, snap pictures and go home to recreate styles. Sew, make your own or find similar styles at the local Goodwill for less expense.



A popular hobby among stay-at-home moms, scrapbooking is a wonderful pastime to share with your children. Purchase or make inexpensive scrapbooks out of paper and make memory books of vacations, school days or whatever interests them at that very moment. Don't be fancy, just have fun... even if it is a scrapbook filled with rocks!

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Bethany @ Homeschool October 06, 2013 | 5:41 PM

My mom got me to start sewing at a young age. And I still do it today! Great hobby and very useful.

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