25 Hobbies for the stay-at-home mom

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Bored with the same routine? Here are 25 hobbies to do with the kids, with your friends or on your own, and all for fun!

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Swim masters

Enjoy taking a swim while at the gym? Look into and enjoy swimming laps with other swimmers with the same interest as you. Keep in shape and enjoy social leisure in a masters swim team at your local YMCA or at other locations in your state.

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Don't let your old high school dance moves go to waste. Turn your fitness routine into full-fledged dancing fun with other ladies your age in Zumba classes. Taking the nation by storm, this dance fitness routine is full of fun and has a great social atmosphere.


Walking club

Start your very own walking club with friends, family and neighbors. Choose a track or park close to home, or if you live far from each other, choose a central location. Use a high school track field after hours or before dawn to shed pounds and build friendships.


Recreational sports team

Not only are recreational sports teams available through city and nonprofit organizations for the kiddos, but there are also adult teams. Build your marriage by joining a co-ed team with your hubby, or choose a sport to get out for fitness and feel the camaraderie of a team again. Check your local city's websites for available leagues.


Water aerobics

Another awesome way to build muscle and friendships is through water aerobics. Filled with music, movement and sociability, water aerobics is a great hobby to pick up. Check your local city or YMCA for availability in your area.

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Bethany @ Homeschool October 06, 2013 | 5:41 PM

My mom got me to start sewing at a young age. And I still do it today! Great hobby and very useful.

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