Jeans for everybody

Play Up Your Produce

A well-fitted pair of blue jeans is a staple in every woman's wardrobe. Many women, however, have found that jeans are unforgiving of their bodies. Find your body shape below to learn which jean cuts, colors and styles work best on your womanly frame.



Pear-shaped women have long inspired their fair share of power ballads and rap songs. That booty does work, girl, so wear it proud! But if you're a little self-conscious about just how amazing your backside looks, a nice pair of jeans can help. Stay away from light washes and any kind of design on the back pockets of your jeans. It's also best to pick a midrise cut so you're not constantly fighting (1) peekaboo underwear and (2) the disastrous, dreaded mom-jean cut. Choose a pair of dark-wash jeans with a substantial flare to balance out your bottom. If you can find a pair with pockets that are set close together on the backside, even better. We love the Levi's 512 Perfectly Slimming Bootcut Jeans (Kohl's, $54).




A woman with an apple-shaped body earns the title because her body is set larger than her legs — not because she's actually shaped like an apple. Typically, this means that apples have smokin' hot legs. Show off your gorgeous legs with a pair of super-tight jeans with a slightly high waist to prevent tummy overflow. The tightness of the jeans will show off your incredible assets, while the high waist will camouflage any potential problem areas. Try the Levi's Midrise Skinny Jeans (Kohl's, $54). Those legs will stop a train, especially when paired with a breezy top.




A noble carrot is a beautiful thing. If you're a woman shaped like a carrot, you look long and lean no matter how tall you are or what wardrobe staples you wear. You can fit into just about anything, and you probably don't even know what a muffin top is. A problem arises, though, when you want to highlight your waist or play up your curves. Opt into low-rise jeans because the height at which they sit on your hips can give the illusion of more width. You also have the perfect body type for a skinny or straight-leg cut like the Levi's 505 Straight-Leg Jeans (Kohl's, $54), because the more the line of the jean tapers in against your legs, the wider your hips will appear in comparison.


Pomegranate juice–shaped

Pomegranate juice-shaped

We had a hard time finding a fruit or veggie that looked as perfectly hourglass as this bottle of pomegranate juice, so bear with us even though it's not technically a fruit. If you're blessed to be a pomegranate, consider yourself lucky. Your gorgeous waist and perfect proportions make jeans look amazing on your frame, no matter how much money you spend or save. Finding jeans that fit, though, can pose a bit of a challenge. Find a pair of jeans with a high proportion of spandex in their fabric so they can stretch to fit your hips while remaining snug around your waist. And while you can pull off just about any look, try to stay away from skinny jeans because they'll do nothing special for you. Try the Levi's Demi Curve ID Bootcut Jeans (Kohl's, $58) for a look you'll love.


Upside-down eggplant–shaped

Upside-down eggplant-shaped

So you're top-heavy. There's nothing wrong with that, and many women are downright jealous of you. But if you wish you had a little more booty to balance out your frame, jeans can provide an endowment that nature did not. Look for a pair of jeans in a light wash with accent buttons or bling on the back pockets, like the Levi 524 Bootcut Jeans (Kohl's, $46). The light color, paired with a little back-pocket highlighting, will give the illusion of a bodacious booty.

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