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The bed is the
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Still grabbing your briefcase each morning and commuting to your office building? More and more companies are rejecting the notion of the traditional office in favor of more flexible options — like working from home.

Woman working from home in bed

Modern technology has made it possible for us to work practically anywhere. As long as you have your laptop or tablet, email and a Wi-Fi connection, who needs a cubicle? Sure, there's a desk down the hall or a seat at the kitchen table, but why not make yourself comfortable while working and open your office in bed?

Who's working in bed?

A recent survey¹ sponsored by Serta found that 69 percent of respondents do work-related and personal activities from their bed, including making phone calls and checking email. More than half of young women in the 18- to 35-year-old bracket reported spending time making phone calls, checking email and surfing the internet from the comfort of their bed. The survey also found that in the U.S., employed people who have the flexibility to work from home do so an average of 13 days per month.

Comfy home office product picks

Thinking of taking your home office into the bedroom? We found some great ideas for making your sleep space into a work space when that morning alarm goes off.

Product picks

Cozy up your nest

Why work in bed if your bedding isn't over-the-top cozy? Take your bedroom up a notch and invest in a beautiful new bedding set, like these organic cotton Juliana bedding pieces (Pottery Barn, $30-$139) or the serene blues and grays in the Lyndon quilt bedding (The Company Store, $30-$259). The Kyley 20-piece bedding set (Kohl’s, $215-$250) has muted yellow paired with a soft gray, and includes multiple decorative pillows for propping up and getting to work.

Give yourself props

The work-from-bed equivalent of an office chair, throw pillows are not only functional but decorative as well. Looking to add a few more pillows to your bed? Check out these great throw pillows (Ballard Designs, $39) in several fabrics that will keep you comfy while you crank out the work.

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Store it right — out of sight

Working from bed is a wonderful perk — while you're working, that is. When your workday is done, it's nice to have a place to hide work-in-progress. The Pramana baskets (Crate and Barrel, $70) have handles for easily moving around, and are deep enough for client files and more.

Impromptu table space

One of the great things about working in bed is the amount of room you can use to spread your papers and things out. But at times, every square inch of your king-sized bed is covered. This set of three nesting side tables (Joss & Main, $152) serves double-duty as a nightstand and instant worktable.

The next time you have a work-from-home day, cozy up in bed and work from there instead. You may never look at your office the same way.

¹ The survey was conducted by Opinion Research Corporation using its CARAVAN omnibus methodology. The survey was fielded among two national probability samples, which, when combined, consists of 1,022 adults, 512 men and 510 women 18 years of age and older, living in the continental United States. Interviews were completed on April 25–28, 2013.

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