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So just how smart are you? Well, it turns out you know a lot more than you think you do! Check out the results of our survey to see how you match up with the rest.

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Pop culture

In relation to pop culture, our survey indicated that the majority of you were on top of what's happening in the entertainment world. With 70 percent or higher, you selected the correct answer to questions about the Academy Award, The Tonight Show replacement and Kim Kardashian. When it came to current, "real world" news, 54 percent of survey takers selected the correct answer when asked who won the National Spelling Bee.

Washington D.C.

In relation to politics, trivia such as branches of government, presidential assignments and women's issues proved to be of knowledge, with 64 percent or higher getting the questions right. However, when asked who the current Secretary of State is, only 39 percent selected John Kerry as the correct answer. The majority guessed Hilary Clinton with 48 percent.

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Basic health knowledge seemed to vary across the board. When asked what age women should begin getting regular mammograms, a little more than half selected the correct answer of 40 years old. However, when asked how many hours of sleep is recommended, 73 percent answered correctly with 7-8 hours per night (it may be time to call it a night a little earlier tonight). The most interesting question was that of which fruit can provide you with at least 20 percent of needed daily vitamin C, only 4 percent selected the correct answer of mangoes. Oranges were the somewhat easy choice because of the known vitamin C hype (mangoes are also in season, so grab some on your next grocery trip).

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In beauty related questions, those speaking of sun protection, UVB/UVA rays and if cellulite creams really work long term received the highest selection of correct answers with more than 84 percent! However, when asked about SPF, only 30 percent said the minimum to apply is 15, which is the correct answer; while 51 percent thought it was 35 (some of us need that extra SPF coverage). When asked about the benefits of cucumber, a whopping 89 percent agreed it helps in reducing swelling and inflammation (nice job).

Grade-school trivia proved to be pretty easy with more than 85 percent selecting the correct answer! Questions about the freezing point of water and continents proved to be a no brainer.

Here's looking at you, smarty!

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