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Feeling confident about your next job interview? We got real-life hiring managers to spill the proverbial beans about the trickiest questions they ask and why.

Don't go to another job interview before reading this article! We reached out to human resources professionals and hiring managers and asked: What are the trickiest questions you ask during a job interview — and why? Their answers might surprise you.


What would be your ideal daily tasks at this job?

– Alex Genadinik,

Genadinik tells us he asks this question so he knows their true motivations and whether the job he's hiring for is something they really want to do. He says, "If it is a good match for the actual job, then I know they will be motivated."

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Comments on "25 Surprisingly tricky interview questions"

Joshua December 11, 2013 | 4:53 PM

My favorite question is Question 16: Where do you like to shop? The added question posted "Where do you like to eat?" is a great question. One position the article hasn't taken is whether you're a rich connoisseur who indulges in spending the employer's dime for your dinner and silly stuff or are you more respectful towards your employer and just will take a dinner that isn't expensive but still has you plenty satisfied and without wasting a dime more than you're expected? In some businesses, when you're traveling a lot, the cost of your meal and you have 3 meals a day - it can add and you might end up spending several thousand more than you were told over a year's time or couple years time that could have been easily spent on some product your employer wanted to buy but doesn't have it in the budget because you spent their money on frivolous stuff. Now how you answer that is up to you, but depending on the person a question like this could throw you off especially if you're a big spender.

c t frank August 27, 2013 | 7:44 AM

Do they ask these questions for minimum wage jobs?

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