25 Pinterest myths debunked

To Pin, Or Not To Pin

Ever wonder if those pins you see are worth pinning? We examine 25 pins and give you safe alternatives to get your DIY on.

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Credit card key chains

16. Credit Card Key Chains

Image source: My Crazy Life as a Farmer's Wife

In this pin, a blogger has created cute and crafty key chains using old credit cards. While we trust many use a credit card that is no longer active nor has personal information on it, we suggest using wood or another material to create these oh, so cute key chains.


Coffee cup sweater

17. Coffee Cup Sweater

Image source: Decoracion

There is no doubt that this coffee cup sweater is adorable and such a perfect gift. But how can your coffee connoisseur possibly enjoy their favorite drink without dribbling excess liquid onto their sweater? Help them out by crocheting a smaller sweater for easy access and enjoyment of their piping hot espresso.


Painted plates

18. The Painted Plate

Image source: Minted

These painted plates are absolutely adorable for decorations and gifts; but probably not for eating. Ensure that you're buying nontoxic spray paint, or head to a local ceramics shop to paint and bake your favorite party ware. Your guests will thank you for it.


Stamped apples

19. Stamped Apples

Image source: Evet Ich Will

Stamped using a sticker that has melted onto the apple, any recipient would go gaga over the cuteness of this special produce. But ingesting a sticker doesn't seem too safe. Create this DIY apple treat with an actual sticker for freshness and safety.


Button bowl

20. Button Bowl

Image source: Polyvore

This button bowl is a great addition to any table decor. With a low completion rate and not so great longevity, save time by gluing buttons to a clear bowl. Use hot glue and buttons from a dollar store to create an easy and more permanent fixture.

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Comments on "25 Pinterest myths debunked"

Sky November 10, 2013 | 12:59 PM

Alright, while some of these ideas are completely reasonable to make something safer, seriously? C'mon look at those credit cards! Completely cover, AND cut up. And for the crayon art, just don't blow the heat on your hand. Common sense there kiddos.

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