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When you’re trying to get clean, walking into a dirty shower isn’t a great first step. After all, the mold, mildew and dirt that accumulate in the corners of our supposedly cleanest place can get onto our bodies, no matter how much we rinse. Not to worry — you’re just a couple daily steps away from having a constantly clean shower!

Step 1: Rinse everything

If you’re rocking a detachable shower head, this can actually be fun! If not, you might need to put a little more work in. Soap and dirt can accumulate in corners and on your shower curtain liner, so when you’re done rinsing yourself, give the whole shower the ‘ole up-and-down rinse. It will prevent soap scum from getting in hard-to-clean places like faucets, plus it will help any dirt and grime that came off of you go down the drain.

Step 2: Wash yourself, wash your shower

You want to make sure you do this in the correct order to make sure both you and your shower stay sanitary. First, clean yourself as normal with a washcloth. Make sure you clean yourself first, because scrubbing yourself with soap scum sounds less than appealing. Once you’re done, use the same washcloth to wash in the corners where dust, dirt and soap gather. Lift up those shampoo and conditioner bottles to make sure you get a good clean. Do this daily, and time-consuming tub scrubs will be a thing of the past.

Step 3: Squeegee

Water spots can ruin even the deepest cleaning job. Whether you’re fresh out of the shower or working on giving the tub a hard scrub, make sure to squeegee away water before it dries. When combined with soap, water spots can be a pain to get up. You might as well take preventative measures!

Store a squeegee in your shower for occasions just like this. Many squeegees come with a rubberized suction cup that will fix to your shower wall, reminding you to squeegee every day. Once you’re done with your shower, give the walls and glass a good squeegee, flicking off excess water as you move along. When it comes to actually cleaning the shower, use your standard cleaner, rinse and add squeegeeing as your final step. No more soapy spots for your house! Your shower is now a no-spot zone.

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