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It’s a busy time for wedding decor enthusiasts and brides-to-be as they plan their weddings around the fall and winter seasons. Luckily there is a simple and quick way to make wedding decor current yet seasonally fresh. This DIY fruit vase centerpiece is versatile enough to incorporate into your wedding day -- or even home decor year-round.

Fruit vase centerpiece: What you need

It only takes a few easy-to-find things to make your perfect fruit vase centerpiece. What we love about this fun wedding DIY is once you invest, you can re-invent for home later -- you can constantly refresh your centerpieces by mixing with different fruits, vase sizes and inspiration from your home's color scheme or seasonal decor. Here are the necessities:

  • Glass vases of choice
  • Decorative marbles
  • Fruits
  • Water

Step 1: Vase & marbles

Go with any vase shapes or sizes that match your taste or complement your wedding theme. Expert tip: Invest in a few vases if you want to incorporate the centerpieces into your home decor throughout the year. Then pop into your local craft store and pick up a package or two of decorative marbles. We recommend clear, as they are versatile and add depth to your vase without distracting.

Gently scatter your marbles on the bottom of the vase. We recommend only filling it a few inches so they don’t distract from the fruit but magnify the bold colors.

Step 2: The fruit

Head to the local farmers' market or grocery store to pick up fruit(s) of your choice. Feel free to mix and match to add a pop of color your current decor. Pay attention to season, too – lemons and limes might be great for summer, but apples or pomegranates will enrich an occasion during fall and winter. Carefully place the fruits in the vase one by one, filling the whole vase. As you’re placing them, make sure you’re satisfied with the centerpiece’s look from all angles.

Step 3:  The water

Adding water will make your centerpiece look beautiful, like only water can do. Slowly fill the vase with water, making sure not to shift the fruit in the process. Fill almost to the top and your beautiful centerpiece is ready for its wedding debut.

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Comments on "How to make a fruit vase centerpiece"

Beth October 10, 2012 | 10:18 AM

Beautiful! For the fall you can choose fall-colored fruits such as oranges or dark plums. Thanks for the idea - this will look beautiful on my table this year.

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