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Make name card holders

Looking for a unique and fun way to add a little flare to your next dinner party? Cork name card holders are a cute and easy fix! Not only will these DIY card holders spice up the night but they’ll put an end to that awkward, "Where do I sit?" question that we know we’ve all had!

What you’ll need

  • A small and sharp knife
  • Old wine corks
  • A solid surface to cut the cork on
  • Name cards

Making your cork name card holders

This is probably one of the simplest DIY’s out there so if you’re not quite the artsy- crafty type there is no reason to fret! Get some old wine corks together and however many name cards you need and you’re already halfway done. In need of some extra wine corks? You do not have to down five bottles of wine after reading this! You can buy wine corks at Target or online at WidgetCo.

Step 1: Decisions, decisions

Make sure you have a flat surface you can safely cut on and decide which side of your cork you want to be the front. Every cork has its imperfections, so scope out the most appealing side for your guests to see.

Step 2: Start cutting

Based on what side you decide, you will then cut off the bottom of the cork, this will be your base. Make sure to cut this as straight and even as possible so your card holders will be stable.

Step 3: More cutting

Next, you will cut a slit across the top of the cork; this can be as deep or shallow as needed for your name cards. Take in consideration the stock of your name cards. The thicker the stock, the more upright it will stand. Avoid flimsy paper that will fold over.

Step 4: Now repeat

You will most likely need more than one name card holder so repeat the first three steps with the rest of your wine corks!

Step 5: Marvel finished product

Finally, place your name cards in the slits you cut into the tops of your corks and you’re ready to show off your new card holders around the table!

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