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a pink grapefruit mojito

In need of a mouth-watering getaway? Dive into this pink grapefruit mojito that will set your taste buds sailing off into the sunset.

Step 1: Tall, smooth and minty!

Using a tall glass, add 4 to 5 fresh mint leaves for that fresh sensation. By adding fresh mint leaves, you are also aiding your digestion, as well as helping reduce bodily pains.

Step 2: Add grapefruit

In the same glass, mix in 2 slices of fresh grapefruit. Some of the benefits of grapefruit include natural antioxidants, as well as heart-healthy properties.

Step 3: The bitter the better

Feel free to add a couple drops of bitters to your mojito to counteract the sweetness of the drink. You never want the drink to be too sour or too sweet, so adding the bitters will balance the tangy and sweet.

Step 4: Make sure to muddle

Muddle your ingredients to bring out the rich flavors of the fruit and mint.

Step 5: Rum time

Add 1-1/2 ounces of light or dark rum of your choice to your mojito. For a lighter taste, use light rum. For a stronger taste, use darker rum.

Step 6: Simply minty

Add 1 ounce of mint simple syrup, a mixture of mint, sugar and water. It adds the tangy, zesty flavor in your cocktail.

Step 7: Think pink

With your mojito in hand, add a small amount of grapefruit juice to your mixture.

Step 8: Brr, it’s cold in here

Add ice to your mojito.

Step 9: Top it

Top your pink mojito with soda water for a refreshing carbonated twist. Serve chilled.

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