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Get a safe sun-kissed glow

You don't have to spend hours baking in the sun to get that summertime shimmer. With the proper bronzer application, you'll look perfectly sun-kissed sans any sun damage! Beauty experts weigh in on how to apply bronzer step by step.

Step 1: Choosing the right bronzer

It all starts with the right bronzer and, according to Alexis Wolfer, founder and editor in chief of The Beauty Bean, different textures create different results.

She said, "Cream/mousse bronzers are great for women looking for the coverage of a foundation but with a bronzing tint. They go on smoothly, even skin tone and, like foundations, come in a variety of different consistencies to work on different skin types and for different preferences. If you are looking for this kind of coverage but hate the feel of foundation, try a mousse bronzer. If you are looking for a foundation that provides more color, consider just buying your favorite foundation a shade darker than usual -- just be sure to blend really well if you do!"

For a sunless "bronzed glow," Alexis advises using a bronzer with luminosity and/or shimmer. But take heed: This kind of bronzer exaggerates the look of any fine lines and wrinkles, making them appear deeper, so the shimmery look is best for young skin.

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She added, "For more mature skin or to really contour your skin for more definition, a more traditional, matte bronzer is the way to go. It won't exaggerate any imperfections and will contour your face beautifully. Dab a bit of shimmery bronzer or highlighter on your cheekbones and brow bone to complete the look."

Step 2: Choosing a brush

Shana King, beauty director of Anisa Interntaional, Inc. and beauty blogger, advises using a large surface powder brush to evenly apply the bronzer to the face. There are several types to choose from, so pick the one that works best for you. She adds, "apply product directly to the tip of brush, if using a loose powder formula make sure to tap of any excess product before application."

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Step 3: Apply the bronzer

Step 3: Apply the bronzer

Shana says to start by applying the bronzer to the center of the face in "quick, sweeping motions" then blend the product outwards towards the hairline.

Step 4: Beyond the face

Step 4: Beyond the face

For a blended, natural look, apply bronzer upwards on the neck to the jawline. Ensure an even look by applying broker to the décolleté as well.

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Step: 5 The final look

This before and after visual comparison shows the subtle yet beautiful difference bronzer can make when applied correctly.

Step: 5 The final look

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Dannielle July 18, 2012 | 1:32 PM

I always have such a hard time with bronzers. I'm super light skinned, and I have a lot of freckles, and every time I try to use bronzer I end up looking like I'm wearing a weird tan mask. Any tips for pale girls on how to do this right?

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