How To... Make Your Bed Better

There's no need to wait until you get a new mattress set to make your bed super cozy and comfy. Assuming you already have a decent mattress and box spring, here's how you can boost your overall bed's cushion and comfort level!

Woman in comfortable bedStep 1: Layer it on

Don't just throw on a single foam pad over your mattress -- even a pillow-top mattress -- and expect that your bed is as good as it's going to get. For a luxurious and super-comfortable bed, you need to layer on the extras and add a few other goodies to create the perfect combination for you.

Step 2: Happy memory

Check out a memory foam mattress pad. They come in various sizes, but we suggest going for one that's 1-1/2" to 2" thick. You get the benefit of the cushioning, plus still have room for some other types of padding.

Step 3: More padding

Egg-crate mattress pads look a little strange, but they can be amazingly comfortable. Get one big enough to cover the top of your bed -- head to toe. Put it near the top of the layers of extras, with only a thinner topper between it and your fitted sheet.

Step 4: Going down

If you like down, aren't allergic to feather products, and can afford the luxury, down bedding can be an exquisite addition to your bed. Three of the most popular uses for down-filled beddding: pillows, mattress toppers and comforters.

Step 5: About alternatives

If you like the feel of down but can't afford the real thing, we suggest trying a synthetic substitute ("down alternative") rather than going with feathers -- especially for pillows and mattress pads -- unless you want to get extra thick covers for any feather bedding. Apart from not offering the same properties as down, it's no fun to be poked by the little quills from the feathers you're lying on.

Step 6: Comforter comfort

When choosing a comforter, you want to get one that is appropriate for the seasons and your climate -- and is also of a weight that is most soothing to you. When choosing a comforter/duvet, you will want to evaluate loft, fill power, weight and -- of course -- the various types of filler. (You can find out more about what you should know when buying down here.)

Step 7: Get great sheets

Any fabric that touches your skin should be super-soft and comfortable, so that means fitted sheets, top sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers. Egyptian cotton sheets -- particularly those made in Italy -- are considered by many to be the gold standard. In second place is Pima cotton. A sateen (that's not satin) and percale finishes on the sheets tends to make them very soft on skin, and combing adds to softness.

Step 8: Thread counts count

Often, a linen's softness is said to be determined by thread count. This is true -- to a degree, and also very much depends on your personal preference. Having 800 to 1200 threads per square inch of your sheets means a very dense and likely stiff sheet, and also that each of those threads are very thin. We recommend quality sheets with a thread count of 400 to 600 per inch. For durablity, seek out 2-ply and/or "long staple" threads used in the sheet fabric.

Step 9: Thick enough?

Buy fitted sheets made for super-deep mattresses to accommodate all the extra bed toppers -- about 18 inches deep. If needed, get sheet grippers to keep your fitted sheet in place.

Step 10: Warm it up

Add an electric blanket to your bed -- or, if you like the combination of a cozy comforter and slipping into a pre-warmed bed, look into electric warming mattress pad, which is placed on top of the mattress. Since sometimes the wires and cords can be a little uncomfortable to lie on, you might want to position a warming pad on top of any thick bed toppers, but below something like a quilted mattress pad that sits just below your fitted bedsheet.

Step 11: Get help for your problems

Does your pillow seem to get too hot at night? Look at ventilated pillows. Is your pillow not supportive enough? Try a contoured foam pillow. Leg, hip or back problems? There are also all kinds of theraputic pillows that are easily available leg spacer/positioner pillows, leg wedge pillows, lumbar roll pillows and the multi-purpose body pillow.


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Carrie July 31, 2013 | 7:47 AM

Excellent article. Exactly what I needed to relieve my worries when I go shopping for a smaller bed for my new apartment. I can use these tips to solve my comfort needs. As for previous comments, you don't have to use all the ideas...just try a couple. The underneath pad is only for prewarming and not a fire hazzard if safety instructions are followed. The pad used on top is any layer that would create smoothness between the warming pad and sheet. As for the abusive comments......!

jaycee June 18, 2013 | 1:28 AM

Made my bed like a cloud! Been sleeping like I'm in heaven. Thankkkkk youuu!!

fredtherabbit June 15, 2013 | 3:24 AM

yeah, useless article.

Jordan April 03, 2013 | 9:23 AM

This article is garbage and decieving. It says ways to get your bed comfortable without buying a new mattress but most of this article IS about getting a new mattress. I give this piece of crap, unhelpful, decieving article a 1/5

Lacey December 23, 2012 | 12:14 PM

I agree that it's important to have a comfortable bed. A good night's rest does a body wonders. Make it comfortable to you. Some like soft matttresses where others prefer firm. Find what you like and go with it.

Kmartin October 09, 2012 | 5:47 PM

That seems like a lot of padding

Emily May 11, 2012 | 11:19 AM

Sateen sheets are soft in one direction and scratchy the other. Percale is soft.

Girl who doesn't want to play with fire May 10, 2012 | 10:10 PM

this is a terrible idea ---> " you might want to position a warming pad on top of any thick bed toppers, but below something like a quilted mattress pad that sits just below your fitted bedsheet." If you've ever read the warning label on a heated mattress pad, they always say to put NOTHING over them except a sheet. Otherwise, you've just turned your bed into an even higher flame risk. (All electric blankets and mattress pads put you at a higher risk for bed-related fires in general). Also, if you put other things on top of it, you won't feel the heat - thus defeating the purpose. This is generally just a really poorly written article.

Shannon January 21, 2012 | 2:09 PM

I like this article but steps 1 and 3 don't make any sense. Extras? Extra what? Also, what does "Put it near the top of the layers of extras, with only a thinner topper between it and your fitted sheet." even mean?

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