How To... Brew The Best Java

Few people can really start their morning without a hot cup of Joe. And while there are about a million varieties of coffee and even more ways to serve it (iced, with milk, etc.), you have to start with the basics before you get fancy with flavors. Here's how to brew the best beans.

Woman in Kitchen with CoffeeStep 1: Purchase the right beans

There's no beans about it — you can't get a great cup of coffee without first starting with the finest freshly roasted beans. If you buy pre-ground beans, they are going to be less flavorful because coffee begins to lose its flavor soon after it is roasted. You can get fresh roasted beans from your local coffee house and have them ground for you, or your grocery store may even sell/grind fresh beans. If you prefer, you can purchase a coffee grinder and do it yourself at home.

Step 2: Store with care

Be sure to store the coffee in an airtight container in a dry, cool place. Do not store it in the fridge or freezer, however.

Step 3: Begin the brew

Time to brew! As a general rule, one generous tablespoon makes eight ounces of coffee. You may need to adjust the amount of water you put in since every coffeemaker is different. Speaking of coffeemakers: there are a million ways to brew a cup of coffee. French press, single cup, drip, percolators … the list goes on. French press coffeemakers tend to allow the most flavor from the grinds to seep into the finished product. Follow your coffeemaker's directions to ensure the best results.

Step 4: Add extras

Once you've got your coffee, experiment with adding layers of flavor with milk, sweeteners and flavored syrups.

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Comments on "How to make the best coffee"

Wayne February 26, 2014 | 6:25 AM

The terms "best coffee" and "flavored syrups" should not be used in the same article.

Debbie February 01, 2014 | 1:34 PM

Don't forget fresh good water, and grinding beans for the right application , fine for espresso, med for paper filter, coarse for metal filter and French press

Tiffany December 22, 2012 | 9:21 AM

To me, I add tons of grounds to the pot because I like my coffee iced. This way, when I pour it over ice, it doesn't get all watery. I LOVE strong coffee!

Jenifer June 25, 2012 | 1:32 PM

I've always wanted to try coffee made from a french press, but am always to scared to. After reading this article I think I'm going to give it a try!

Danny June 20, 2012 | 10:38 AM

I've found the best cup of coffee I've made comes out of my french press. Plus, it's easy and it makes almost four cups of coffee. I work from home, and sip on coffee all morning long, so it's perfect. But, you have to grind your beans at home, that's the way to get the most flavor out of your coffee.

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