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The rankings allow you to easily get the top hotels in every location and compare 1.5 million hotels worldwide from more than 150 booking sites. Travelers regularly use the hotel rankings to compare deals in the same city.

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We regularly scan guest reviews, monitor hotel popularity and include stars and value for money in our algorithms. Using machine learning and experts' intelligence, SheKnows Best Hotels creates continuously updated top hotels for thousands of locations worldwide.

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With Sheknows, you can easily find your ideal hotel and compare prices from hundreds of websites. Simply enter where your desired destination and travel dates, and let our engine do the magic. Compare accommodation prices among 150 hotel booking providers. From budget hostels to luxury suites, we make it easy to book online confidently.

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While you decide which hotel best suits your needs, the booking process is completed through the booking sites (which are linked to our website). By clicking on the “View Deal” button, you will be forwarded to a booking site where you can complete the reservation for the hotel deal found on Sheknows. No Fees Guaranteed.

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