If You're A Nature-Lover At Heart, Consider Creating A Landscape That Will Attract Some Of Your Favorite Animals Right To Your Own Backyard.

If you're a nature-lover at heart, consider creating a landscape that will attract some of your favorite animals right to your own backyard. 

Hummingbird in butterfly bush

If you're a nature-lover at heart, consider creating a landscape that will attract some of your favorite animals right to your own backyard. 

You love going bird-watching and seeing the little bunnies frolic around in your backyard, but unless you have the ability to call on friendly forest creatures like the lovely Snow White, chances are your encounters with wildlife are sporadic. Put the odds in your favor by sprucing up your yard to be a little more friendly to wild animals. All animals need three basic necessities: water, food, and shelter. Placing some of these in your backyard is sure to get you a few visits.

Provide a snack

You can provide food for wildlife in a number different ways. First, consider planting a few plants that will be a natural source of food to hungry critters. Plants that produce nuts, seeds, and berries are good bets. If you're growing a veggie garden, consider planting a few plants around the perimeter of a garden bed protected by tall fencing. This will give wildlife something to nibble on while deterring them from your main garden. You can also buy bird and squirrel feeders for instant gratification rather than trying to wait for plants to grow in.

For hummingbirds, plant lots of nectar producing plants or hang a hummingbird feeder and add a batch of homemade hummingbird nectar.

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A little drink

Water is a life-source necessity. Having a birdbath, small pond, or other water sources will greatly increase your chance of attracting wildlife. Just make sure to change out water frequently and don't let stagnate water sit for too long otherwise you run risk of it turning into a breeding ground for mosquitos -- not the type of creature you want to attract.

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A place to rest

While bushes and trees can provide a natural safe place for animals to seek shelter, consider putting up a few cute birdhouses in the yard too. In addition to giving little birds a spot to rest their weary wings, it also a provides a boost of color and there are some adorable options these days that'll coordinate with the rest of your outdoor decor.

But first...

Before you make any changes to your backyard, take a look around and see what's already there and what you can do to expand on what you have. Next, think about where you want to see the wildlife most. Is it when you're looking out of your kitchen window? While sipping your morning coffee on the back patio? Thinking about these things beforehand will provide a little guidance when making changes to your yard to attract more wildlife.

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