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The bathroom often goes overlooked in the home decor department, with most people favoring function over beauty. We're challenging you to banish the boring by giving your bathroom an update. Here are 10 decorating looks for inspiration.

Coastal chic

Coastal Chic

Go for a sophisticated ocean feel with a few touches that nod to coastal looks without being overly thematic. A capiz shell chandelier gives the space a little glam while a reclaimed wood sink, driftwood art and woven baskets add a natural element. A touch or two of blue-green accessories give the space an ocean feel.

Our picks: Reclaimed wood sink console, $1,699; Capiz shell chandelier, $495; Beachcomber wood handle basket, $89; Driftwood heart wall art, $119; Nate Berkus bath canister, $13; Nate Berkus Aztec diamond bath rug, $20.


Feminine glam

Feminine glam

For a luxe space that's still functional, consider a bathroom vanity with mirrored front cupboards to give the space a little bling, but with a ceramic countertop to hold up to daily use. Pretty feminine accessories like crystal perfume bottles do double duty as decor, and a silver platter keeps everyday toiletries organized.

Our picks: Reflections bath vanity, $769; Sparkle bathroom light fixture, $250; Silver block monogram on white towels, $8-$20; Large tray, $125; Perfume bottle, $18; Mirror tissue box, $86.


Hot color combo

Hot color combo

An increasingly popular color combination, gray and yellow are the perfect balance between cool and warm colors. Gray is a hot neutral color right now and is a great alternative to a traditional white vanity. Use touches of white throughout the space to keep the bathroom feeling fresh, and add some sparkle with chrome detail.

Our picks: Savoy bath vanity, $559; You Are My Sunshine printables, $8; Yellow floral bath rug, $25; Yellow and gray shower curtain, $15; Stripe hand towels, $10; Crystal bathroom vanity fixture, $227.


Ombre inspired

Ombre inspired

From hair color to nail art, ombre shades have been gaining in popularity, and now the gradient color combos are making their way to home decor. Start with a statement piece like this green-and-blue ombre shower curtain, and bring in the gradient colors with other accents.

Our picks: Flamenco shower curtain, $118; Mosaic gradient tile, starts at $102; White sink vanity, $750; Stripe swag pendant, $130; Ombre pastel print, $15; Green round bath mat, $13


Bright and cheery

Bright and cheery

For an easy dose of color without the hassle of painting, pick up a bright shower curtain in a fun print. Bring out the accent colors with easy accessories like artwork, a bathmat and towels, and a small storage tower. Keep the bathroom from becoming dated by grounding it with a strong neutral, like these gray penny tiles or white laundry accents.

Our picks: Pink shower curtain, $30; Gray penny tiles, from $11; Aqua storage tower, $80; Yellow round bath mat, $13; Personalized wood sign, $55; Ruffled laundry bag, $29


Vintage lakeside retreat

Vintage lakeside retreat

Go old school with a playful theme. A lake-house spin provides a different point of view from a traditional nautical look. A simple wood double vanity speaks to the unfussiness of a lake house, and a black-and-white patterned tile gives it a period reference. Lake-inspired accents like an oar and bathing beauty art add character.

Our picks: Lakeside resort wooden sign, $59; Montaigne double vanity, $999; Black-and-white pinwheel tile, starting at $11; Ticking stripe shower curtain, $68; Striped oar, $39; Wire mesh storage, $39.


White and sparkly

White and sparkly

We like this bathroom vanity for its retro flair with modern convenience. Basket weave black and white adds visual interest with a simple color palette. Shiny chrome accents on the hardware and light fixtures add some sparkle to the space. A metallic chair can be used to hold fresh white towels.

Our picks: Pharmacy extra-wide vanity, $3195; White natural stone tile, starting at $11; Polished nickel wall sconce, $200; Glass bath accessories, $16-$22; Samantha counter stool, $159; White towel, $12.


Black, white and green

Black, white and green

Black and white is a chic neutral color combo, but it can sometimes look a little stark without an accent color. A shot of green adds just the right dose of color to the space. Incorporate the color at least three times throughout the space to bring the look together. Use artwork and fabrics to bring in accent colors.

Our picks: Athens bath vanity, $569; Quatrefoil mirror, $499; Merola porcelain tile, starting at $7; Rugby stripe shower curtain, $15; In a Blink David Bromstad print, $18; Metal apothecary accessories, $22-$75.


Modern eclectic

Modern eclectic

A chic, streamlined bathtub can make a space feel modern and contemporary. Add your own eclectic spin to the decor with unexpected touches like a funky light fixture and whimsical accessories in bronze. Keep extra towels stashed underneath an open-shelf vanity for easy storage access and a spa feel.

Our picks: Uva soaking tub, $1,398; Wall-mount faucet in bronze, $435; Double sink console, $2,499; Blossom Melody print, $300; Ulysses pendant, $1,580; Hummingbird hook, $48.


Flower power

Flower power

Floral prints are all the rage in fashion right now and are making their way to home decor. To keep it from feeling too much like grandma's house, combine flowers with an unexpected trendy pattern, like this chevron. Use bright accessories to bring out your favorite colors, and balance them with natural materials.

Our picks: Corsage shower curtain, $44; Love Me Tender wooden sign, $47; Rattan ceiling fixture, $100; Water hyacinth bins, $13; Owl hook, $22; Poppy Jacquard bath towel, $24.

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