Sexy style for him & her

Your master bedroom — ideally, it's a haven for relaxation and romance. But agreeing on how to create that perfect environment can make you feel anything but relaxed and romantic. Try these tips for melding your styles into the perfect couple's retreat.

Do your homework

Before you try to tackle merging your romantic, traditional style with his sleek, masculine preferences, for example, talk about what you like and what your husband likes, advises Alana Taylor, blogger at

"Get to know what colors, style of furniture and wood tones he likes," she says. "Then get visuals of those things — Pinterest is a good place to start."

Simple, dark, clean-lined masculine pieces can blend well with more decorative, feminine pieces in the same room, Taylor says, especially when the colors are neutral or complementary. She likes the example of this stack of masculine crates as a bedside table on one side of the room; the more feminine frames and dresser add balance on the other side.

Product picks
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Alana Taylor,

Product picks: Stria nightstand (West Elm, $349), Elsa mirrors, set of 3 (Pottery Barn, $149), heirloom frames, set of 3 (Pottery Barn, $149)

Shop with compromise in mind

The shopping trip, Taylor says, does not have to be a 50-50 compromise. But, she explains, neither person has to absolutely love every element of the room.

"I've stopped asking 'Do you like this?' of him, because that often generates a flat-out 'No.' Instead, I say, 'Can you live with this?' He'll ask the same of me. That keeps variations in our taste from being deal-breakers every time," Taylor says. "If you can each say, 'Well, I don't love it, but I can live with it' about a few things, you're both likely to end up with a room that makes you happy overall."

Master bedroom
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Meld styles with a common thread

Combining your tastes doesn't have to have a jarring effect, says Jessie Kok, designer and blogger at

"Having furniture pieces and accessories from a combination of style and era will work as long as you repeat your colors, shapes and patterns throughout the room," Kok says. Her own master bedroom is a good example of this, with its mix of dark, masculine wood and lighter, more feminine accessories, grounded in greens and golds.

Get the look

Product picks: 1. Curtains (PB Teen, $39-$49), 2. Lamp (West Elm, $129), 3. Rug (West Elm, $49-$799)

Product picks: 1. Rug (Ikea, $199), 2. Coffee table  (CB2, $279, 3. Storage box (The Container Store, $10), 4. Pillow (, $49)

Coming together in harmony

Once the two of you can find the balance in blending your tastes — by deciding what you like, what you can live with and what you might consider that is outside both of your typical choices — it's time to enjoy the process. Coming together as a team will make the resulting master bedroom a place you can't get enough of, just the way newlyweds can't get enough of each other.

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