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Natural fibers like jute and burlap add an earthy and warm look to any space. They're often used with coastal decor or a country look, but these natural elements can be the perfect backdrop to any space. With the right accessories, jute has a way of blending in with any decor you love.

Jute is a natural material made from vegetable fiber that is spun into long, thread-like strands. It is thicker than its more familiar counterpart, burlap, which is also made from the same fiber. It has become trendy as of late, and you can find everything from rugs to chairs to lamp shades made out of the natural fabric. While most jute or burlap is a creamy brown color, you can find it in various shades and patterns. Jute adds a rich texture to a room in a subtle way. We've rounded up three completely different looks using natural elements.

Cool and shiny

Cool and shiny jute decor

The best way to dress up natural and slightly rugged elements is to add in a little shine. This look combines shiny metallic accessories, cool aqua touches and some geographic patterns to give it a modern feel. This room would be filled with clean lines and other neutral elements like a creamy, beige sofa or bedspread. Add in black or off-white furniture in a shiny finish to complete the chic look. Keep accessories to a minimum and instead accentuate with functional items, like books or glass bowls.

Our picks: jute rug, $100; mercury glass lamp, $169; chevron pillow, $25; mirrored side table, $90; aqua bowl, $32

Warm and golden

Warm and golden jute decor

This look combines classic charm with a slight modern edge. Rich, golden tones work well with the natural tones in jute or burlap accessories. Place a large jute rug under a solid sofa and add in patterns and textures through textiles like throw pillows and curtains. Repeat patterns and colors throughout the room to create a cohesive look. White furniture pieces will help offset the warm golden tones in the space.

Our picks: jute rug, $255; yellow lamp, $140; patterned yellow curtains, $108-$168; circular art, $129; floral throw pillow, $20; white bowls, $30

Colorful and whimsical

Colorful and whimsical jute

If you aren't afraid of color and you want something a little more fun, go for bold accessories and bright prints. Because there are so many bright colors, mix in other natural and textural elements like baskets, neutral and simple greenery like succulents, and rich woods. A colorful rug sets the tone for the room, and the accessories tie it all together. Avoid patterned fabrics for curtains or throw pillows; solid tones will help tie colors together without becoming too busy.

Our picks: jute rug, $50-$200; burlap bird art, $179; flower vase, $28; green table, $50; succulents, $23-$32; basket, $25

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