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Show Mother Nature you care

Even though we sometimes forget about her, Mother Nature deserves some recognition. This Earth Day, make Mother Nature proud by adding some handmade flair to your home and style with our Earth Day-inspired Etsy finds.

"Tree Hugger" engraved rock

Whether you use it as a decor item in your home as a paperweight or show it off in your garden, this "Tree Hugger" rock by Wild Horse Engraving salutes Mother Nature.

Tree Hugger engraved rockSheKnows: What makes your shop unique/sets you apart from others making similar things?

Susan Chaires: Stone is forever and is to be appreciated for its strength and beauty. Stone is 100 percent natural and we try to evoke that feeling with every piece of stone that we create. With nature, there is no perfection, just constant change and adaptation. Since we are horticulturists and work with the soil, we have an edge like no other.

SK: What inspires you to create?

SC: Our inspiration is nature itself, life experience and a certain amount of empathy in every piece of work. Engraving is a method for storing memories in stone. We are constantly amazed at the memories that are shared with us and that we help to carve into stone.

Recycled magazine picture frame

We all have stunning photos to display, so why not show them off in an equally gorgeous frame by Colorstory Designs made of recycled magazines?

Recycled magazine picture frameSheKnows: What makes your shop unique/sets you apart from others making similar things?

Amy Gibson: My shop has a unique mix of clean, modern lines and bold, fresh colors. I work hard at finding just the right combination of color/pattern, and the results are contemporary pieces that will fit into any home. The inherent nature of recycling results in each item being unique, and I feel that sets my shop apart from others.

SK: What inspires you to create?

AG: Like so many people, art and creating has been an outlet for me for as long as I can remember. I dream of one day being able to do my art full time, but for now I enjoy what I can. Life, nature, color and patterns inspire me and it's never-ending and I love that!


Every gal has room for another pair of earrings, and these recycled beauties by Wearwolf will make Mother Nature smile this Earth Day and beyond.

Recycled earringsSheKnows: What makes your shop unique/sets you apart from others making similar things?

Vicki Wolf: My goal, as an artist, is to make beautiful, fun and funky jewelry! I want my customer to fall in love with an item, first as a great piece of jewelry. Then I like to watch them realize it is made from recycled items and become even more excited!

SK: What inspires you to create?

VW: I have been creating in one form or another my whole life. Creating feeds my soul and my heart. It is a necessity!

Reclaimed wood coasters

Made of reclaimed wood and eye-catching on their own, these city-specific reclaimed wood coasters from Urban Wood Goods are perfect for your next soiree.

Reclaimed wood coastersSheKnows: What makes your shop unique/sets you apart from others making similar things?

Erin True: At Urban Wood Goods we make quality furniture out of thick dimensional lumber that is sustainable, repurposed, and has a unique American history. The beauty of our pieces is in their simplicity. One customer, for whom I created and hand delivered a bench over a year ago, just emailed me today for a couple more pieces. She said that the beauty of our furniture is because we "don't overthink it." That's exactly the kind of furniture we create.

SK: What inspires you to create?

ET: I find myself completely immersed in whatever latest and greatest idea I have in my head. Sometimes it's multiple things at once. When I am coming up with a new idea, even if it's just a process for how to run our business more creatively or smoothly, I am definitely more energized.

Wooden wall art

If you're having trouble finding the perfect eco-friendly piece for your bare wall, look no further than EarthArt by Wendy for art that pops — all cut from fallen tree branches and then expertly painted.

Wooden wall artSheKnows: What makes your shop unique/sets you apart from others making similar things?

Wendy Kaehr: I believe that EarthArt offers a lot to our customers. I feel we are unique and set apart by the color options we offer and the vibrancy of our pieces. We take the time to kiln dry each of our wood products to ensure top quality. We strive to make customer service and friendliness a top priority at EarthArt!

SK: What inspires you to create?

WK: Lots of things give me inspiration! I think mostly I just get excited about the different types of wood and textures that come from nature. I love imagining and creating in my mind ways they can be turned into pieces of art. Nature is beautiful... Why not bring that goodness indoors, too?

Recycled bag

Show off in style with this upcycled T-shirt bag from barefoot Surf boutique that's casual enough for a day at the beach or a leisurely day of shopping.

Recycled bagSheKnows: What makes your shop unique/sets you apart from others making similar things?

Juanita Browne: As artists, we love the challenge of continually growing and changing our product lines as we learn to work with more and more eco-friendly, upcycled and renewable resources. We are happy to say that as it changes we find ourselves more passionate about our work, and in turn our work most definitely reflects that passion.

SK: What inspires you to create?

JB: As a family, we really enjoy living a simple life and are inspired daily by a colorful array of artists, as well as by the simple beauty of nature all around us here in our little coastal community.

Cloth baby wipes

If you have a baby on board, treat your little one to certified organic baby wipes from CurlyMonkey. Eco-friendly and oh-so-perfect for a shower gift, these undyed and unbleached hemp cotton fleece wipes will make you think twice about using disposable ones ever again!

Cloth baby wipesSheKnows: What makes your shop unique/sets you apart from others making similar things?

Emmanuelle Coco-Behrmann: In 2008, CurlyMonkey went a step beyond organic by falling in love and introducing hemp fibers in the shop. Today we offer mainly baby essentials and accessories made of our favorite hemp fleece, making it a perfect choice for a baby's delicate skin.

SK: What inspires you to create?

EC: My three children remain my main source of inspiration, as each of them brought a new energy and direction into my lifestyle and business.

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Comments on "Etsy roundup: Earth Day finds inspired by Mother Nature"

Kit March 31, 2013 | 8:54 PM

I definitely want to buy the earrings they are so neat!! Thanks for finding the perfect gift!

Tracy March 30, 2013 | 11:06 AM

The wooden wall art is a great idea - bringing the outdoors inside. Love it.

Chris March 28, 2013 | 6:47 PM

Love the earrings and wood coasters! And especially like hearing from the shop owners and designers.

Shannon March 27, 2013 | 3:27 PM

Love the recycled earrings!!! Always looking for unique jewelry not everyone has. And these are great!

Laur March 27, 2013 | 11:38 AM

lalalala-love the engraved tree-hugger rock and the wooden wall art! Respecting the planet needn't be bland :)

Lauren March 27, 2013 | 4:54 AM

I love the recycled bag and wood coasters! Will add to my collection

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