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The time has finally come to decorate for spring — our favorite time of year. This year, it's all about combining bright, happy colors with cool, soft hues. With so many beautiful color choices, whatever you choose is certain to impress!

Typically, spring colors are bold and bright — they pop and stand out amongst the crowd. This year, while we did see some bright colors (which, of course, we loved), we also saw a good mix of cool grays and mellow greens and yellows. We love that the colors were mixed up this season to create a sense of both calmness and relaxation combined with bright and happy. The choice is yours. The best spring colors of 2013 are in!

Warm orange

Warm orange is happy, yet peaceful. It's the perfect color to add life to a bedroom, den or home office. Pair it with bright blues, slate grays or off-white hues.

Mint green

Adding mint green to any room will give it a vintage feel, yet still brighten up the space. It works best in larger areas, such as a master suite or a formal living room. Pair it with pinks, lavenders, browns and grays to really make the color pop.

Shabby Chic Frames, $79.00
Shabby chic frames (Etsy, $79)
Mint Green Drapes, $15.00
Mint green drapes (, $15)

Cobalt blue

Cobalt blue is a bright — but dark — eclectic blue that screams bright and happy in a sophisticated way. It pairs well with warm oranges, light grays and crisp whites. Use this color sparingly in any room throughout your house.

Threshold Blue Mod Teardrop Lamp Base, $49.99 (pair with crisp white lampshade)
Threshold blue mod teardrop lamp base (Target, $50 for a pair with a crisp white lampshade)

Lemony yellow

Though we love super-bright yellows, this year we're toning it down a notch with a more subtle, lemony yellow. Mellow yellows go extremely well with the brighter, more daring cobalt blues. Yellows work best in kitchens, dining rooms and guest bedrooms.

Ikat Dot Placemat in Yellow, $8.00
Ikat dot placemat in yellow (Urban Outfitters, $8)
Large Yellow Roses, $4.95
Large yellow roses (, $5)
Yellow Blossom Wall Art, $49.99
Yellow blossom wall art (Bed Bath & Beyond, $50)

Icy gray

Finally, we leave you with a hot spring color to tie everything together, and that's none other than an icy, cool gray. Grays are the new browns, and they pair exceptionally well with bright colors and softer, more mellow hues. Grays should flow evenly throughout your home, allowing you to incorporate your favorite colors into the mix.

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