One fun thing about hosting Easter brunch is decorating with the pastels and spring details we've been deprived of all winter. And if your table has napkins shaped into bunny ears? Well, that's even better. In just a few quick steps, you can learn to fold your own napkin-shaped bunnies to sweeten up your Easter place settings.

Image: Kori Ellis/SheKnows

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Dress up your Easter table the easy way by folding plain cloth napkins into bunnies. You'll need cotton or linen square napkins. The folding is easier with thin napkins rather than thick ones. You can use white, pink or any color napkins you like. Since our Easter table decor is yellow and pink, we use yellow napkins.

Step 1

Fold the napkin in half and then in half again, forming a long rectangle.

Image: Kori Ellis/SheKnows

Step 2

Fold the right and left sides down to meet in the center, forming a point at the top.

Image: Kori Ellis/SheKnows

Step 3

Fold the bottom corners up, also meeting at the center.

Image: Kori Ellis/SheKnows

Step 4

Fold in the side corners so that they meet in a point. Your napkin should now be in a kite-like shape.

Image: Kori Ellis/SheKnows

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Updated by Sarah Long on 3/22/17

Step 5

Very gently turn the napkin over and fold the top point downward.

Image: Kori Ellis/SheKnows

Step 6

Gently turn the napkin back over.

Image: Kori Ellis/SheKnows

Step 7

Roll the right side of the napkin over, a bit past the center point.
Fold the left side over and tuck it into the pocket on the right side.

Image: Kori Ellis/SheKnows

Step 8

Stand your napkin bunny upright. You may need to adjust the bottom to form a base. Fluff the bunny ears and position the napkin on your plate.

Image: Kori Ellis/SheKnows

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