Trendy Bathroom Updates

When it comes to personal style, your home's bathroom is no longer last on the list. Today's top trends in bathroom remodels will give your space a zen-like feel. Not sure where to start for your bathroom's style makeover? Don't worry. We've highlighted six bathroom trends that will pump up the volume in your space.

Vessel sinks

Make your space stand out from the rest by installing a vessel sink. These high-style fixtures sit on top of your vanity, creating an instant focal point. Dress up your vessel by adding a decorative mirror that is flanked by two wall sconces. You can also have a plumber install a wall-mount faucet to create additional appeal.

When choosing your vessel, be sure to consider the height of your vanity. Choosing a vessel that is too tall will make your sink less functional. Rather than a high-ridged bowl, choose a vessel with a low, wide rim for more practical use.

Bamboo accessories

One popular trend in bathroom design is creating a space with a spa-like appeal. There are many material combinations that can achieve this look, but the light, warm tones of bamboo make this finish a top pick. Combine bamboo accessories with crisp, white accents and a soothing wall color, and you'll have a serene place to relax.

Painted vanities

If your vanity is lacking in style, consider adding a few coats of paint. This simple transformation will have a huge impact in your space. For a conservative look, choose a color like white, black or gray — or let your personality shine through with a bold color like red, teal or yellow. Spruce up your vanity by painting decorative patterns on the fronts of the drawers and cabinet doors. A simple stripe or even a chevron print will add that extra touch of style, and it can easily be repainted if your tastes change down the road.

Free-standing tubs

The days of keeping the tub out of sight and out of mind have come and gone. If you've got the space, let your tub stand front and center! Free-standing tubs have an attractive, old-fashioned appeal, yet many styles appear quite modern. Though free-standing tubs are a bit pricey, the investment may be what your space needs for that extra boost. To save money, frequently check at vintage markets, home refurbishing stores and even on Craigslist for second-hand options that come with a lower price tag.


A simple way to make your bathroom more fashionable is to add stripes. This trend is seen in accessory items, like bath mats, towels and shower curtains, or as a decorative paint option for your bathroom walls. To make this style work within your space, use an editing eye when adding prints. Adding too many stripes in too many places could make your space feel like a circus. Use stripes in a few key spaces to avoid a look that is visually overbearing.

Updated fixtures

If a bathroom remodel is on your to-do list, investing in updated fixtures will freshen up your design. There are many finishes available, from chrome and stainless steel to oil-rubbed bronze and brass. This makes it simple to find the style that is right for your space. For a budget-friendly option, choose a few fixtures to keep from your existing pieces, and then select a few updated fixtures that complement their style.

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