Weekend Warriors

You have done your time from nine to five — now the weekend is here, and you've got two days for a mini home makeover. But don't let the short time frame intimidate you. We have six easy projects to spruce up your home with time to spare!

Indoor projects

Update holiday decor

Weekend projects don't always require a hammer and nails — some projects simply involve tackling the to-do list. If your seasonal decor is still waiting in storage, dedicate a weekend to a home decor face-lift. Add something new, like this faux berry garland (Pier 1 Imports, $26). This is also a good time to purge any items you no longer use, clearing up some storage space for next year's additions.

Change out a light fixture

Updating the lighting will change the feel of any room. Install decorative pendants over the kitchen island, exchange the chandelier in the dining room, or replace the bathroom vanity fixture. Most lighting kits come with detailed instructions for do-it-yourself installation, or an electrician can be hired to keep things simple. If dealing with electrical wires is not your cup of tea, opt for an update to transitional lighting, such as desk and floor lamps. Create a new look with the Jezebel radiance lily forest grass green glass pendant (Lamps Plus, $180).

Refinish furniture

Remember that chair you found at a yard sale? Perhaps it has spent far too long sitting in the garage. A weekend is perfect for a light sanding, a few coats of paint and even a simple cushion recover. Save time by collecting the necessary materials before the weekend begins. Browse through tutorials posted by your favorite home decor bloggers for step-by-step instructions and a detailed shopping list. We love Kate's refinishing tips from the Centsational Girl blog. Pair your refinished chair with the Martha Stewart Living Ingrid green round side table (Home Depot, $100).

Outdoor projects

Create an outdoor living space

Adding more living space to your home doesn't always involve a contractor. Create more room to stretch out your legs by adding an outdoor kitchen, seating area or dining space. Group your arrangement with an outdoor rug, and place your furniture as you would indoors. Focus on creating great conversation areas, and even a place to relax. Use your existing deck or patio to position your outdoor living space, or expand by laying down some concrete pavers. The Belmont 2-piece brown wicker patio chair set (Target, $374) provides a perfect start.

Install a rain barrel

This project is beneficial for you and the environment, and set up won't require a lot of time. Visit your local home improvement store to browse their selection, and ask their experts for installation tips. For added appeal, choose a barrel with a decorative touch, such as a flower bed or unique finish. Consider Home Depot's 45-gallon rain barrel with diverter ($69). You may also choose similar projects that are environmentally friendly, such as installing a composting bin or solar outdoor lighting.

Plant a raised garden

Give your green thumb a try by creating a garden space at your home. For ease of care, opt for a raised bed to make tending your garden more accessible. You can find pre-packaged garden kits from a local retailer, such as this Suncast 4-panel garden kit (Wal-Mart, $49), or create your own with materials found at a home improvement store. To simplify additional maintenance for your garden, install a timed drip system to ensure your plants receive water on a regular basis.

Expert Advice

Learn how to install a raised garden with this video tutorial from Home Depot.

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