The $500 bathroom remodel

The Budget Bathroom Remodel

If you're dreaming of remodeling your bathroom but the budget’s getting tight, it may be time to scale-up while scaling back. Your dream retreat is obtainable for less than you might think. These six simple changes will help you transform your space, for less than $500!

The $500 bathroom remodel


Cabinetry makeover

Updating old cabinetry will instantly transform the look of your space, but custom carpentry totes a high price-tag. To achieve a high-end look without going over budget, refinish your existing cabinetry with RustOleum’s Cabinet Transformations. With many finishes to choose from you’re bound to find a match to your personal style. Plus, this product requires no sanding or priming to achieve a custom look!

Our pick: RustOleum Cabinet Transformations, Home Depot, $70


Need some color? Don’t sweat it -- take your space from drab to fab with just a few coats of interior paint! The professionals at your local Home Depot can help you choose the perfect paint product for your space, and can color-match for a shade as unique as you are!

Our pick: Yolo Colorhouse interior paint, Home Depot, $36

Updated light fixtures

Adding decorative lighting is a great way to make any room shine. Flank a decorative mirror with two simple sconces, or replace a multi-light vanity light with a modern upgrade. There are many lighting options for less than $100 that can easily add appeal to your bathroom makeover.

Our pick: Paris lights wall sconce, Lamps Plus, $70


Room without a view? Adding creative artwork to your space is a simple way to improve the scenery. Select art with interesting colors, prints and textures to compliment the other finishes within your space. For budget-friendly artwork, frame personal photos, post cards from your latest vacation or a copy of your wedding invitations. Sentimental pieces will make your space even more enjoyable!

Our pick: Framed artwork, Target, $50


Make the most of your bathroom linens by selecting a set that’s both functional and stylish. For spaces with a neutral color-scheme, select plush towels with texture and depth. Or, choose linens that compliment other accents within the room to create a statement piece. The right linens can turn a simple towel-rod into a piece of artwork.

Our pick: Supersoft plush 6-piece bath-towel set, Kohl’s, $45


For the finishing details of your budget-friendly makeover, pull in accessory items from around the house. Whether it’s a vase from the living room, a dish from the kitchen or a decorative frame from the nightstand, chances are you’ve got the perfect accessory combination for your space. For a special touch, spend a small portion of your budget on accessory items to add a punch that will put your design over the top!

Our pick: Limmaren 3 pack bottles, Ikea, $10

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Rich's point was that to get make the right choices with the lab, and not make mistakes, and not feel like you wasted money buying something you shouldn't have, you could easily spend dozens of hours looking for the "right" answer. And I agree with him to some extent. Do you learn through that process? Sure. But other options may be easier.

Karen October 16, 2012 | 11:08 AM

Great article! It’s amazing how much you can do with only $500! A new coat of paint can make all the difference in a room. We just painted our guest bathroom from pale yellow to deep blue and the result was like stepping into a completely remodeled room.

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