The $5000 bathroom remodel

Bathroom Updates

When considering a remodeling project it's always important to plan and budget wisely. Whether your project is big or small, remodeling a bathroom can provide a high impact update for a reasonable budget! Here are a few fabulous ideas for a $5000 bathroom remodel!

$5000 Bathroom Remodel



Replace an old, worn-out or dated vanity with a brand new stylish one! Custom cabinets may be out of your budget but it is easy to find an amazing vanity and mirror combo in stunning styles and colors for a reasonable price.

Our pick: Battista Double Basin Vanity with Travertine Stone Top and Mirror, Dark Espresso $1599 from The Home Depot



Changing out light fixtures is a simple DIY update that does not take very long to do and does not have to be very expensive. However, it can completely transform a bathroom into an amazing sanctuary! Just be sure to find a light fixture that will provide enough lighting to easily accomplish bathroom tasks such as shaving and putting on make-up etc..

Our pick: Progress Lighting Academy Collection 4-Light Antique Bronze Bath Light $274 from The Home Depot



A new sink faucet can help transform your bathroom to a luxurious space! Look for a unique, stylish faucet that can add a bit of style for your room.

Our pick: Pfister Ashfield 4 in. Centerset 1-Handle Low-Arc Bathroom Faucet in Rustic Bronze $159 from The Home Depot



Having a nice tile installed in your bathroom or doing it yourself can add a wonderful ambience to your bathroom. Travertine tile is an amazing option to create an upscaled look yet it is classic enough to be stylish for years to come.

Our pick: Cremna Noce Brushed Filled Small Versailes Pattern $90 per 9 SF box from The Tile Shop


Towel rack

Nothing says luxury like stepping out of the shower and wrapping up in a plush, heated towel! Installing a heated towel rack in your bathroom will transform your typical morning into a spa-like experience! Our pick:

Our pick: Towel Warmer - 20.5-inch x 31-inch, Curved Bars - Model E Jeeves by Amba $484 from Vintage Tub and Bath



If you choose to install new sink faucet, be sure to add a new bathtub faucet as well. Choosing a matching style will create consistency and can add a unique and stylish touch to your room.

Our pick: Pfister Ashfield 8 in. Widespread 2-Handle Low-Arc Waterfall Bathroom Faucet in Tuscan Bronze $286 from The Home Depot


Shower head

While you are replacing faucets, do not forget to upgrade your shower head and handle as well! Find a shower head that suits your personal preference but if possible, stick to the same finish and style as in the rest of your bathroom faucets.

Our pick: Pfister Ashfield 1-Handle Shower Only Trim in Tuscan Bronze $201 from The Home Depot



Adding a burst of natural sunlight to a bathroom will not only give amazing free lighting in the room but it will also provide a custom feature without a custom price. Adding a tubular skylight will provide the room with natural sunlight while keeping your privacy at a maximum. Be sure to pick a style that will work in your home.

Our pick: ODL 10 in. Tubular Skylight Kit With Composite Flashing for Asphalt Roofs, Including Solar-Powered Dimmer Kit $249 from The Home Depot

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