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Fall trend report

A new season means new trends and a great opportunity to change things up when it comes to home decor. But giving your space a seasonal update doesn't have to be daunting. We share some simple, affordable and on trend ways to give your home a fall-inspired face-lift.

We have Sabrina Soto, decor expert, HGTV host and author of Sabrina Soto Home Design here to share her top design tips with SheKnows. This week, she's showing us some stylish ways to welcome fall into your home.

Fall living roomColor crush

Get ready for fall by adding some of the season's hottest hues to your home. Soto shares some of this fall's must-try shades.

  • Violet: Violet is the perfect transitioning color to use as the seasons change since it's bold yet versatile and elegant.
  • Yellow: A burst of canary yellow adds that special element of surprise to your decor. Soto suggests painting the backs of your bookshelves or the insides of your drawers for some added color punch during the fall season.
  • Raspberry: Raspberry hues are excellent for adding a touch of vibrancy. Scatter raspberry-hued accents against your navy blues or soft neutrals.
  • Fall colors: Mimic the color you see outside. Inspiration can come from the beautiful colors of falling leaves, cool hues of rainy days or warm tones of morning sun.

"Changing seasons allow for new and fresh color choices," notes Soto. "Fall's saturated colors bring new warmth and comfort into your home. I love incorporating the beautiful rich hues into a space." She suggests accessorizing with autumn tones by adding flowers, blankets, pillows and warm scented candles to open up your space and welcome the new season. "Color will enhance your space to match any mood or season."

On trend accents

Textures and patterns are a must for fall when it comes to choosing seasonal accents, Soto says. "They can be fun while they also create visual diversity," she explains. "Choose fabrics for fall that are warm and earthy with geometric patterns."

Wood is also a go-to trend for fall-inspired accents. "Wood is the perfect autumn element. It's warm color and texture is the ideal addition to your space," says Soto. Decorate with wood picture frames, reclaimed wood side tables or a wood desk. Specifically, she notes cedar as a great choice for fall. "Cedar has a beautiful soft brown tone perfect for accessorizing while giving off a crisp, earthy fall scent. Decorate with cedar frames or trays."

fall leaf vaseBring the outdoors in

One of the best ways to embrace a new season (and a hot trend for fall), is to use nature to your home decor advantage and bring the outdoors in. "Everyone loves their outdoor retreats. I can't imagine any better way to spend those beautiful fall days," says Soto. "Try bringing those outdoor elements indoors. Flowers, pumpkins and wheat stems are the perfect fall accents. They can be used around the holiday season and are great at mimicking the fall colors outside," she explains.

Soto also suggests adding everyone's favorite harvest and Halloween accessory to your space as another way to welcome fall. "Nothing reads fall as much as pumpkins do," she says.

Fall decor tip

Gather leaves from your yard and create a beautiful leaf bouquet, suggests Soto. "Display, enjoy and breathe in the earthy fall scent."

Eco-fabulous fall

Going green never goes out of style, but this fall is all about decorating with the environment in mind, says Soto. "Keeping green through sustainable design is a trend that continues to flourish," she notes. "Natural and recycled materials make up that unique and creative spark, especially in the fall. Add an organic wood coffee table to your living room for warmth and coziness."

Think about using eco-conscious paint, donate rather than toss out home accessories you no longer want, invest in pieces made from sustainable materials and buy local whenever you can.

Get cozy

What better way to prep for fall than by focusing on creating a cozy enclave once the temperature starts to dip. "Pillows are cozy and warm. Embellish your sofa with beautifully patterned and textured pillows for those rainy fall evenings," suggests Soto. "Buy a throw with a plaid pattern for your sofa or a new twill pillow for that lounge chair." Fall is also the perfect time to take advantage of your fireplace. "Cozy up on your sofa and enjoy an evening movie," she says. Candles, too, will add a subtle glimmer when days get shorter and nights get longer.

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