Craft room

Contain the craft clutter

Is your craft area too overwhelming? Do you need more ideas on how to organize your craft space? When your craft supplies aren't organized properly, crafting can turn into a real pain instead of a creative joy. These creative and essential craft organizers will help you to enjoy your crafting time and keep the clutter and mess at bay.

Creative place to store craft supplies

No need to purchase specialty craft organizers to store your craft supplies, these creative storage ideas fit any budget and can accommodate almost every crafter's needs. From scrapbooking and sewing to crafts with kids and specialty projects, you'll be able to store and organize your craft supplies with ease.

  • Clipboards: A clipboard on a wall works great for hanging fabric swatches, fabric scraps and to keep half-finished scrapbook or sewing projects organized, in view and away from children and pets.
  • Paper rolls: Empty kitchen towel rolls or wrapping paper rolls work great for rolling up scrapbook paper and fabric to keep them wrinkle-free and safe for future use. Just make sure to finish each end with a lose rubber band to keep the paper or fabric in place.
  • Tension rods: Add more hanging space to a hall closet, bedroom closet or craft closet with tension rods. By using hangers, hooks and rings, you can store and organize ribbon and yarn, or use hanging craft and clothing organizers to store folded or smaller supplies.
  • Mason jars: Mason jars are perfect for organizing buttons, safety pins, beads, clothespins and other small essential crafting supplies. Line them up on a shelf, and you'll be able to find and see which supplies you have at all times.
  • Screw boxes: A screw box or screw drawer chest can be helpful in organizing smaller craft supplies, making it easy to go from your craft storage space to your craft workspace, because of the removable drawers.
  • Drawer space: Dressers can be used with our without drawers to store craft supplies. It's helpful to place drawer organizers in drawers — or baskets in drawerless dressers to sort craft supplies and to keep everything organized.
  • Magnetic tool bar: Mount a magnetic tool bar or magnetic knife rack on your wall or inside your craft storage closet to safely store crafting hammers, scissors and other craft tools.
  • Pocket organizers: Over-the-door pocket organizers are great for sorting craft pencils and pens, templates, stencils and spools of ribbon or elastic.

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Must-have craft organizers

Sometimes your craft area needs a certain kind of organizational tool. These essential craft organizers make crafting simple and portable, no matter where your craft space may be.


The Martha Stewart Craft Space Center Cubby Organizer is great for large work spaces
— atop a sewing table, work bench or large desk.

Craft cube


The mobile plastic bin storage tower is ideal for small or multipurpose spaces.
The wheels allow for mobility and the seven shelves accommodate optional bins and organizers.

mobile plastic bin storage tower


Tote and travel with your craft and scrapbook supplies with a rolling scrapbook tote.
This storage solution allows you to craft anywhere and at anytime.

rolling scrapbook tote

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More creative organizing ideas

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Stacy July 22, 2012 | 2:55 PM

These are great tips! I've been needing to declutter all of my craft stuff. It's getting out of control in it's current spot of my medicine cabinet (I reach for Tylenol and grab a bottle of blue paint!). Thanks for the suggestions!

Christina Holt July 19, 2012 | 12:03 PM

The options are endless with mason jars... Love it!

Erica July 19, 2012 | 10:10 AM

I love using mason jars for my office supplies! They're easy to decorate with paint or ribbon to add some color and pizzazz.

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