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Etsy is an online marketplace where hundreds of thousands of creative people from more than 150 countries sell their handmade crafty goodness. Each week, we're featuring a handful of our favorite items in our Etsy Roundup. On the menu this week: yard accessories.

It's the time of year when we spend more time outside whether we are knee deep in the garden, laying poolside or grilling up some burgers. Since you'll be in the yard more, you may as well add some flair to the space. The artisans at Etsy have several fun options that will spruce up your space while you just enjoy the great outdoors.

Hummingbird feeder

Glass hummingbird feeder

Hummingbird feeders are one of my favorite yard accessories, not so much for the feeder itself but because they attract the beautiful little birds. Why not have a feeder that is just as pretty to look at as the birds themselves? This handblown glass feeder, by Etsy seller Kennedy Glass Studio (find them on Facebook), is truly a work of art. You'll appreciate the sparkle it adds to your yard even when the birds are nowhere to be found.

Dog stake

Beagle stake

Pay homage to your four-legged family members with garden stakes that look just like them! Etsy seller Rustica Ornamentals (find them on Facebook) makes a full line of garden stakes with several breeds of dogs as well as other options like butterflies. These would make a sweet memorial to pets no longer with us or just a fun accessory to add a little interest to your garden beds.

Flower stake

Colorful flower stakes

If your yard is in need of a little color, Etsy seller Garden Stake has you covered. Their flower stakes come in just about every color and several varieties so you can create an entire bouquet of flowers that never need to be watered. Consider these blooming stakes as art for the yard. You can also find other varieties of stakes in their shop — like zombies — if that is more your thing.

Wind chime


There is no better way to add a little dazzle to your yard than with something that catches the sunlight and truly shines. This wind chime by Etsy seller Tapestry Arabian Farm does just that and leaves a little tune behind on a breezy day. What more could you want? To top it off, the chimes are made with recycled aluminum, making this yard accessory eco-friendly, too.

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Comments on "Etsy roundup: Yard accessories"

thiagodaluz April 24, 2013 | 9:13 AM

I think my favorite yard accessories have to be those collections of wind chimes. Especially the hummingbird wind chimes, a bunch of those chorusing off together is so cool to hear.

yard globes June 22, 2012 | 9:07 AM

I like articles that give me ideas and especially things I can do myself. I love the hummingbird feeder and I have an ideal place for one. I also have a BIG yard so I am going to see what I can do with accessories. Thanks for the ideas!

Monica June 20, 2012 | 8:19 AM

@ Emma – I can understand not wanting to have a lot of stuff in your yard, but what I like about the selection of yard accessories in this article is that they blend in with and compliment the natural surroundings of any yard. It is easy to go minimalist with these accessories, especially if you have a big yard.

Douchewand, Douchewanden, Douche June 20, 2012 | 12:13 AM

I found this post useful.I was trying to find this. Really refreshing take on the information. Thanks a lot

Emma June 19, 2012 | 1:37 PM

I don't like a lot of stuff in my yard. My mom always overloaded our yard with stuff so I have become very much a minimalist. But I do love hummingbird feeders! They add a little pop to your yard, and bring those beautiful birds around that don't cause too much of a nuisance.

Monica June 19, 2012 | 10:31 AM

When it comes to my yard, I spend so much time thinking about landscaping, maintenance and what type of flowers I’m going to plant that I often overlook decorative accessories. This article has some great offerings from Etsy to get started on my outdoor decorative adventure! I especially love the flower stakes because they add a pop of color to any yard all year long!

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