Spray paint

Stylish updates that won't break the bank

With nothing more than a can of spray paint, you can turn dated home decor items into something new and trendy. We found five easy updates you can make quickly — without spending a wad of cash

Sometimes your decor just seems tired, maybe in need of a little makeover. When it doesn't make sense to purchase something new, update your home easily and quickly with a few coats of spray paint! Thought it was just for painting projects outside? Think again.

Nightstand blues

Those twin nightstands that stand guard next to your bed are looking anything but stately lately. Wood is a great medium for using spray paint, with very little prep involved. Because it's porous, wood should be sealed with a coat of aerosol primer before painting. Consider a bright shade that complements your room decor but really pops, like turquoise or tangerine.

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Picture this

One of the most common household decor items that can feel outdated is the picture frame. Styles change every few years, and we wind up with a drawer full of outdated frames. Why just let them collect dust? Give your frames a new life with spray paint. Use frames of different sizes and styles and paint them all the same color, or group frames in complementary colors together for a whole wall of color.

Hardware update

Metal finishes come in and out of fashion every few years. Your kitchen hardware may still be in great shape, but the color isn't. A little bit of prep is involved, but spray paint gives a great finish to metal hardware like drawer pulls, door knobs and switch plates. You may need to sand, apply a primer and possibly wire-brush the surface before spray painting, but the results will be amazing.

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Light up your light fixtures

Chandeliers and ceiling fans can be a focal point in a room — not so good if they look dated. Change up your light fixture with a refreshing coat of white, or a daring pop of color like red. Even table lamps deserve a second chance to shine. Not only can you change up your lamp base, but many lampshades will really perk up with a simple coat of spray paint. Whether you choose a soft white or a bright yellow, your lamps will no longer hide in the background.

Create a collection

Do you have an odd assortment of old vases, urns or plates? They might be metal, ceramic or glass — all will happily accept a few coats of spray paint that will turn them into a cohesive collection. Group them together on a shelf or on a table, fill the vases with flowers and wait for the compliments.

What are you waiting for? Go grab a few cans of spray paint and see what new life you can breathe into your old decor.

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Comments on "5 Awesome updates you can do with spray paint"

Anna June 20, 2012 | 8:31 AM

@ Emma – I like the idea of buying items at the Goodwill and sprucing up the color. It is always easy to turn retro into style, but sometimes retro colors need a modern update to fit in with the color scheme in our homes. @Lauren – That is a good idea with the picture frames and wrapping paper! During the Xmas season I wrap tiny boxes in wrapping paper and place them around the house as decorations, but I never thought about decorating picture frames in wrapping paper.

Emma June 19, 2012 | 1:35 PM

I love spray paint! It can be used for so much and it is inexpensive and so easy to use! I love finding cheap finds at the Goodwill or thrift stores and updating them with a little spray paint.

Anna June 19, 2012 | 10:18 AM

Great tips on how to update the color scheme in your home with spray paint! It turns out spray paint has many other uses besides graffiti. I have yet to use spray paint on household items, but I once spray painted an old purse gold. The result was like turning the purse from drab into fab!

Lauren June 19, 2012 | 7:27 AM

What a fun read! I'm always trying to spruce up my place on a budget and these are some great ideas. I love painting the lamps different colors and changing the picture frames. For the holidays, I always wrap a few pictures in wrapping paper and add bows, then hang back on the wall. It makes for a very affordable Christmas decoration!

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